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Ontario school cancels viewing of Lightyear film amid same-sex kiss controversy

An elementary school in Ontario has cancelled the viewing of the animated action-adventure Pixar film Lightyear for a school trip this week.

The 2022 spin-off of the Toy Story film series tells the origin story of the franchise's most memorable character, Buzz Lightyear.

The film has picked up considerable controversy over the past few weeks for containing a same-sex kissing scene between two women.

Lightyear has been banned in several countries across the Middle East and Asia, including Iraq, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and Syria.

The school's name has not been specified, but the Hamilton Spectator reports that it is located in Hamilton's Stoney Creek community.

In a letter to the school's families, the elementary school said it made the decision to cancel the viewing "due to questionable content in the movie that we feel is not suitable for all of our students."

A spokesperson for the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School District Board (HWCDSB) said the "rude humour" included in the film was to blame.

They also said the language and overall content of the film were "beyond what was appropriate for four- and five-year-olds."

The elementary school students will be watching last year's animated-comedy film Sing 2 instead.

Many people had strong reactions to the cancelled viewing of Lightyear.

One person called the decision “lame” and “ridiculous.”

Another person said their child went with their school to see the film and loved it.

At the Hamilton Mountain Cineplex, Lightyear  is rated "G" for general audiences.

Some U.S. theatres have listed the movie as "PG" for action/peril."

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Ontario school cancels viewing of Lightyear film amid same-sex kiss controversy

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