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Toronto woman mistaken for creator of TV series Euphoria is getting harassed by fans

When a Toronto woman changed her name recently, there was one repercussion she didn't count on: being mixed up with the creator of the TV series Euphoria.

The show has been on for two seasons and follows the sensational lives of a group of teens living on the edge, and doesn't have anything to do with a woman who runs a local Toronto hand sanitizer business.

Sam Levinson (nee Fairbloom) now shares the name of the creator of Euphoria after changing it in August 2021 when she got married.

While the progress of the show didn't affect her at all during its first season, her name change meant the second season had lots of people mixing her up with the creator.

In reality, the Sam Levinson who lives in Toronto runs a local hand sanitizer brand called Dom with her husband.

"It has been a weird couple weeks for me via Instagram since the premier of Euphoria's season 2," Levinson tells blogTO. "I quickly learned my name is infamous and that the Euphoria fans are, for lack of a better word, intense."

Her social media tag, which is @thesmallbrunette and doesn't even contain her name, started getting blown up with people who had comments on the show, and she started getting all kinds of weird message from people misidentifying her.

At this point, she's even changed her bio to read, "Not the creator of Euphoria!"

She started getting comments from random fans of the show saying things like "Jules and Rue shouldn't get back together they are toxic," and "If anything happens to Fez and Ashtray I will personally find you and hunt you down for the rest of my life."

euphoria season 2

Screenshot of a DM sent to Sam Levinson in Toronto. Photo by Sam Levinson.

One particularly passionate fan wrote, "What the fuck is wrong with you? You are a horrible person. How could you cut kat out. Your being
kinda fatphobic right now. And your name is Sam.. you cant be talking. How could u cut kats line out dumb bitch. No wonder ur name is Sam."

"I actually only responded once or twice," Levinson tells blogTO.

"They seem to still think I should have an answer. Otherwise, I haven't responded. I have screenshotted and then deleted messages because I am so scared they are going to hack my account. My @thesmallbrunette account was hacked in August on my wedding weekend, so I am so nervous it is going to happen again."

The Toronto Levinson has only ever watched two episodes of Euphoria, so if you're messaging her with feedback on the show, she's not even going to understand what you're talking about, so you're wasting your time.

Unfortunately, the mixup hasn't even helped with the public profile of Dom, as Levinson has gotten a few follows out of the fiasco but says they often unfollow quickly. She's hoping that with the current season ending soon the messages will slow and stop.

However, she's hoping to at least get something good out of the situation for the company while spreading the word that she is not Euphoria creator Sam Levinson.

"I was only sharing the screenshots with the Dom team at first, and then this week we spoke and decided that since the messages aren't stopping, maybe we should use it to our advantage," says Levinson.

"Instead of panicking, responding and turning my accounts to private, Dom has decided to run with it."

Until the end of March, Dom is running a promo where you can get 10 per cent off site-wide using the code EUPHORIA. While this may have been a surreal time for a local business owner, at least we can get a discount on sanitizer out of it.

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Sam Levinson

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