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Toronto legend Russell Oliver just dropped a new Cashman video

Anyone who has tuned into Toronto television in the last few decades knows "Cashman" Russell Oliver just as much for his cheesy commercials as his cash for gold business.

And prepare to hear a classic anti-hit reimagined for a new era, as the bling broker has dropped a new video with a re-recorded version of the iconic Cashman song.

It's certainly a long overdue update for Oliver's brand, which has expanded to several locations around the Greater Toronto Area since his last music video-style commercial was filmed in the early 2000s.

The brand refresh was led by design studio Concrete, the firm knowing right away this was a project they needed to take on. Diti Katona, Chief Creative Officer at Concrete, said that the immediate reaction was something along the lines of "what a f***ing opportunity. We have to do it."

The rebrand reflects the changing business, an ever-expanding list of locations, fueled in part by Oliver's four business-savvy sons. Concrete has to figure out "how do you bring in the next generation?" as now, "it's not just the Cashman, it's the Cash Fam."

Like the company, the video features a whole new supporting cast, as the scantily-clad dancers in his last club banger are now well into middle-age.

Oliver — who unfortunately doesn't show off any of his arthritic grandpa moves this time around — now has male (his sons) and female dancers, with much more occupation-appropriate attire for a jewelry store and pawnshop.

Sure, he isn't painted head-to-toe in silver or spilling out of a superhero-inspired spandex getup, but even wearing a suit, the always animated personality busts out his famous Kramer-inspired "oh yeah" catchphrase, along with his generous use of the word "cash."

He is the Cashman, after all.

And then there's the familiar yet transformed song many of us grew up with. Music producer and owner of Maximum Exposure Inc., Tony Price says that "the greatest email I've ever received was the one where I was asked to remake the iconic 'Cashman' song."

"Being a very Toronto-centric project, it seems as though everyone involved had a mutual understanding and appreciation for the raw absurdity of the Oliver Jewelry advertisement aesthetic and Russell's specific sense of humour. Because of this, the process of re-creating the song was very free-flowing and entertaining."

And for those less interested in the music but who still want a dose of Oliver's trademark over-the-top personality, another shorter commercial dropped alongside the music video, featuring the Cashman himself shooting streams of 20-dollar bills out of gold "money guns."

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