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Someone is documenting all the movie scenes you had no idea were shot in Toronto

A Toronto film buff is on a mission to expose all the areas of Toronto that Hollywood has ever transformed into a movie set.

The Good Will Hunting shot at U of T's Whitney Hall or David Cronenberg's iconic film, The Fly, shot in Liberty Village: They're just a couple of scenes out of over 1,000 that Timothy Bramble wants to share. 

A web developer by day, Bramble launched the Instagram account Movie Locate back in February.

Inspired by other film buffs' obsessions with recreating photos based on movie scenes, Bramble shares before and after shots of areas around Toronto.

"Pre-pandemic I was an avid movie fan," said Bramble. "But during the pandemic, like everyone else, probably, I started watching more movies.

"I was fascinated about how often Toronto would pop up in movies as other places." 

He's shared over 40 movie scenes so far, like the iconic scene from 1984's Police Academy shot in Kensington Market, a Christmas Story's use of Chop Suey Palace in East Chinatown, where Batifole is, and Hairspray at Gale's Snack Bar.

Bramble says he especially likes the movies from the 1980s, which show how drastically different Toronto's landscape looks now. 

Movie Locate posts new photos regularly.

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Movie Locate

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