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Toronto woman on TikTok shocked to see cast of CBC show filming outside her house

Celebrity spotting is one of the greatest perks of living in Toronto. TV and movie buffs often go out of their way to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars on production sets, and some people get lucky.

One Toronto woman looked outside her window last Friday to find the cast of CBC's International Emmy-award nominated series Workin' Moms filming in her driveway.

TikTok user Gabrielle G., or @badgyalgabs, captured the view from her room in a video that now has over 17.3 million views and 2.8 million likes.

The viral video shows various pieces of film equipment, vehicles and tents in front of Gabrielle's house on Madison Avenue, between Bernard Avenue and Lowther Avenue.

In the footage, main actors Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind and Juno Rinaldi are in the middle of acting in a scene from Season 5.

Gabrielle said she was surprised to see the huge production, and had no idea who the actors were. Fans quickly flocked to her comments to let her know about the popular show.

"Guys, they're filming an entire movie outside my house," she said. "This is literally outside my front door. Does anybody recognize these women?"

"Girl that’s the cast of WORKING MOMS ON NETFLIX," one TikTok user responded.

"Omg I would have passed away," replied another.

"I can’t wait to watch this episode they’re filming and be like, 'this is the part from TikTok!!'" a third commentator wrote.

Gabrielle made three more TikTok videos addressing the situation.

"I'm finding this really funny because the entire comment section is freaking out," she said in one. "Now my friend can't come over, because the entire camera crew is blocking my driveway."

In one of the videos, it becomes more clear what the scene is about.

The show's central characters seem to be celebrating Anne Carlson (Kind) reclaiming her home. Kate Foster (Reitman) is first seen holding Anne back from walking into the house. Frankie Coyne (Rinaldi) hands both women what appear to be beer cans, to which Kate responds, "You're out of control." 

The next clip shows the three women sipping out of the cans then beginning to dance while Anne sings, "I got my house back, I got my house back," followed by expletives. Gabi said the women had been filming the two-minute scene for three hours.

"Because of how many takes it took, they went through almost 50 cans by the looks of it!"

When TikTok users began questioning why the film crew didn’t ask for permission to film on her property, Gabi clarified that she rents an apartment in the house. Her landlord posted written notices of three different productions scheduled to film on her street - one of them being Workin’ Moms - but she didn’t think it would be at her front door.

Another production that filmed on Gabi's street recently is Spin, a new Disney Channel Original Movie set to premiere in 2021.

Workin’ Moms was first spotted shooting scenes in Mississauga in early October. Production also filmed scenes in Yorkville on Oct. 28.

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Gabrielle G

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