Shazam filming Toronto

There's a superhero movie filming in Toronto right now

Filming is now well underway on the DC Comics blockbuster Shazam!, which should explain any New York police cars you've seen around Toronto lately.

Not to be confused with the fictional genie flick starring Sinbad, Shazam! will be the seventh instalment in the DC Extended Universe film series (which also includes Wonder Woman, Justice League and Suicide Squad).

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It's a really big deal, basically - especially given that this will be the character's first film appearance since 1941. 

The movie, which is about a teenager who can transform into an adult superhero by saying the word "Shazam," is set to drop in April of 2019.

In the meantime, you can creep on the locally shot production via Instagram. Or in person, if you're lucky enough to find an outdoor set).

The film will be shooting in Toronto until May of this year.

Someone very recently scored a shot of the film's lead character, played by American actor Zachary Levi, in what appears to be Shazam's iconic red and yellow suit.

That photo has been posted online hundreds, if not thousands of times over the past day or two as comic book fans freak out over the garment's design.

Another picture of Levi in costume, shot from the back, went viral a few days earlier.

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Most of the film is being shot at Toronto's Pinewood Studios, but cast and crew have been spotted filming elsewhere around the (modified) city.

"There are two 'Gotham City' newstrucks and a pile of FBI agents at the corner of Parliament & Winchester," tweeted one local this morning.

Someone also captured photos of a scene being shot at Fort York this week.

When they're not busy working, the film's stars and director seem to be enjoying the city quite a bit – proof of which can be found all over their Instagram feeds.

"'Twas the loneliest of Mudbrays. Sad and discarded in the wet and salted streets of Toronto," wrote Levi of a Pokémon card he'd found outside. 

"Desiring only to be collected, or perhaps recollected, and join the ranks of his Pokémon brethren in the depths of a JanSport backpack. Somewhere. Anywhere."

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