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What's filming in Toronto this winter

There are several TV shows and movies being filmed in Toronto right under your nose this winter. Sure, some of them are in film studios, but keep your eyes peeled for the stars of some of these projects in the months ahead. And by stars, we mean look out for Robert De Niro.

Wish Upon

Director John Leonetti (who was the cinematographer on The Conjuring and Insidious) is working on his latest horror flick about a 16-year-old misfit who finds a magic box with deadly consequences. It stars Joey King and is filming until January 30.

Handmaid's Tale

The TV event of the year is nearly done filming. Based on the dystopian novel by Toronto's Margaret Atwood, the series stars Joseph Fiennes, Elisabeth Moss. They wrap filming on February 3.


Netflix has officially set up camp in Toronto with this Anne of Green Gables spinoff series filming until February 3. It's a collaboration with the CBC and stars youngters Dalila Bela (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Once Upon a Time) and Corinne Koslo (Sweeney Todd, Best in Show) in the eight-episode series.

War with Grandpa

Robert De Niro's latest family comedy flick is set to be released in April 2017 and is filming here until February 24. Christopher Walken also stars in this feature about a boy who is forced to move out of his room when his recently widowed grandfather moves in.

Big Brother Canada

The new season of the social-experiment reality show starts shooting on March 10. It's filmed on a secret set somewhere in the city and will air in spring of this year.

12 Monkeys

Season three of this American TV series loosely based on 1995 movie of the same name is filming in Toronto until March 24. Actors Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and Noah Bean return for this suspenseful post-apocalyptic show.

Orphan Black

This high action TV show has been a big hit and returns for its fifth and final season. It'll film here until April 8.

Private Eyes

The second season of this detective show starring Jason Priestley will be in production until May 25. Cindy Sampson stars as his partner and the 10 episode run should air later this year.

Black Mirror

The new season of Black Mirror started film in November of last year and will be in Toronto until November 2017. There's a lot of pressure for season four the series really took off last year on Netflix. There will 12 episodes for the next season, and Jodie Foster is set to direct one of them.

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