TIFF 2016

The best and worst movies at TIFF 2016 so far

We're about halfway through TIFF, and that means over the course of dozens of screenings some movies have already risen above, and below, the pack. Audiences have started to weigh in on what movies will be remembered as the year's best, and what movies they wish they could get their time back for.

Here are the best and worst movies at TIFF 2016 so far.


Denis Villeneuve's latest finds earth hosting a possible alien invasion, and a linguist (Amy Adams) has to learn their language to determine if they come in peace or not.

Toni Erdmann
An ambitious career woman working in Bucharest finds herself the victim of a surprise visit from her prankster father.

Manchester By the Sea
When Lee's (Casey Affleck) brother, Joe, dies and names him the guardian of his son, Lee has to come to term with his new responsibilities, as well as the past that haunts him as he returns to his hometown.

A look at a young black man in Florida, coming to terms with growing up, his sexuality, and the challenging environments he is born into and wants to escape.

Window Horses (The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming
A young Canadian poet gets invited to a festival in Iran, and ends up learning not just a lot about the craft she's committed to (her own and Iranian poetry) but about her own history and life as well.

Versatile Canadian director Bruce McDonald tackles a road movie, with this story about two East Coast teens in the 1970s who hit the pavement along with the help of, yes really, the ghost of Andy Warhol.

The real story about a young Indian boy who is separated from his family, is adopted by Australian parents, and eventually uses Google Earth to try and find his way back home and to his birth mother.

TIFF 2016


American Pastoral
An adaptation of Philip Roth's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about an all-American couple in the 1960s whose daughter turns to rebellion which begins to tear the family apart.

A psychiatrist seeks revenge on a man who murdered her brother by turning the killer into a woman - one who then looks to exact her own revenge.

The story of a photographer who witnesses a terrible crime, and gets involved in a case that may involve the supernatural.

What have been the best and worst movies you've seen so far at TIFF 2016? Let us know in the comments.

Film stills from Arrival and American Pastoral

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