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The 5 worst movies at TIFF 2015

Not every movie at TIFF can be a cinematic masterpiece. Sometimes you see not just the best, but also the worst that movies have to offer. While, thankfully, this year I saw (almost) no truly terrible movies, there were still a few that found their way to the bottom of the heap.

Here are the five worst films I saw at TIFF 2015.

Beeba Boys
There's a lot to love about Beeba Boys. Most of all how refreshing it is to see a Sikh gangster film. It's just too bad nothing else about the movie is fresh. It seems more interested in marking off a checklist of gangster movie clichĂŠs than pursuing a more cohesive story. It does have a great Paul Gross cameo though.

There's no doubt that this horror/chase movie version of a border crossing story is incredibly tense and smart in keeping its story and characters sketched thin to bring out the primal elements of the conflict. It's just that after a while, it ultimately succumbs to feeling a bit too one-note and has a final chase is *this* close to a comedy sketch.

The Final Girls
This movie gets a lot wrong: it wastes a clever premise, it fumbles a good start, it's inexplicably goreless. Worst of all, it violates Filmmaking 101 by never establishing rules about how its kids-enter-a-movie world works. The result is the filmmakers seem more intent on having fun than allowing for the audience to have fun too.

The Lobster
For a good while The Lobster is great: it's delightfully strange and darkly whimsical. But then it swerves about halfway through. The story and theme then just come to a halt, and the movie's deep-seeded meanness starts to wear you down.
That may be the point, but it's one that left me eyeing my watch for most of the second half.

My Internship in Canada
This possesses all the charm and sweetness you'd expect from a Canadian satire of our political system. And while it gets in some worthy jabs, it's too whimsical and gentle (so: Canadian) to be anything more than substantial than a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington episode of Corner Gas.

What were the worst movies you saw at TIFF this year? Share your picks in the comments.

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Still from The Lobster.

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