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20 must see films at TIFF according to its programmers

Nobody knows the TIFF line-up better than the programmers who help curate the films that make it into the festival every year. They especially know their respective programmes inside and out, which is why I asked them to recommend the must see films at the top of their lists.

Here are the 20 must see films at TIFF 2015 according to its programmers.

The Apostate
A comedy about a man trying to officially renounce his faith in the Catholic Church, gets lost in an endless maze of religious bureaucracy.

A Romeo & Juliet meets City of God tale about a teenage girl in a Brussels gang who falls in love with a man from a rival gang.

Concerning the Bodyguard
Narrated by Salman Rushdie, this short film follows the life of a henchman.

A Copy of My Mind
This Indonesian film focuses on a young woman who accidentally steals a DVD that features evidence of presidential corruptions.

Based on the Jewish legend of dybbuk, Demon finds a groom being possessed by a spirit, and slowly unraveling at his own wedding.

The Endless River
Set in South Africa, a grieving man whose family has been murdered finds potential comfort in a sweet, but also damaged, waitress at a local watering hole.

Eva Doesn't Sleep
Everybody knows the story behind Eva Per贸n - Argentina's First Lady in the 1970s who inspired the musical Evita - but not many know the strange, seemingly unbelievable, story about what happened to her body in the years after. Eva Doesn't Sleep dramatically portrays that story.

A ten-year-old boy lives in a town where, strangely, no adult men are around, and boys his age undergo mysterious medical procedures at the local hospital. He begins to investigate and discovers something he never could have imagined.

Five Nights in Maine
A man (David Oyelowo) seeks to fulfill his wife's dying wish that he meet her estranged mother, Lucina (Dianne Wiest). When he seeks her out, he discovers she is both cruel and dying of cancer, but he still tries to connect with her while there's still time.

Renowened documentarian Alan Zweig looks at the life of Steve Fonyo who once was a hero of cancer research, and now lives in disgrace.

The Mask
A Cinematheque screening of a 1961 horror cult classic, restored and in 3-D, about a cursed tribal mask that produces horrible visions when worn.

A microscopic look at the lives of three roommates as they go about their daily lives and a kind of love triangle forms between them.

Set in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives, an Orthodox woman struggling with isolation finds a kind of community among the headstones of the cemetery.

Five Turkish sisters play innocently on the beach, but an observer reports them to their guardians - their grandparents - for having acted scandalously, and the girls are then subjected to the oppressiveness of old-fashioned moral values.

My Skinny Sister
When Stella notices that her sister, Katja, begins acting strange - especially during meals -she confronts her sister in the hopes of helping her. In the process their sisterly bond is tested, as Katja's health may be increasingly at risk.

One Last Night
In this short film, two punks have one last night together before one leaves Tel Aviv for Berlin.

Our Last Tango
A documentary about the seventy-year run of Argentina's greatest tango couple, Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves.

Sleeping Giant
Set in Ontario cottage country, Sleeping Giant looks where three male best friends spend their summer days, and their dynamics become suddenly threatened when a girl becomes too much a part of the group.

Starve Your Dog
A washed up journalist hopes to reclaim former glory by interviewing a controversial Moroccan interior minister, but faces conflict and possibly mutiny from the camera crew.

The Whispering Star
From one of Japan's craziest directors, Sion Sono, comes this film about a robot who travels throughout space delivering packages.

What's your must see film at TIFF? Let us know in the comments.

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