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Coppola, Swinton highlight TIFF Mavericks Programme

One of the things I love about TIFF is the Mavericks Programme. It's a great opportunity to watch films about amazing free-thinkers, some of whom have had a large impact on the world. The programme is particularly fun because it places an emphasis on having conversations with the featured Mavericks in addition to showing films. This year, a number of new films will screened and many discussions will be had in a lineup of Mavericks that is sure to be inspiring.

The Love We Make (September 9, 9:30pm)
After 9/11, Paul McCartney wanted to help New York by donating his time and talent to a benefit concert. Filmmaker and friend Albert Maysles followed McCartney's journal from start to finish, providing an intimate look at the unique role artists play in times of crisis. McCartney won't be present for a discussion, but Maysles and Co-Director, Bradley Kaplan, will be.

Barrymore (September 10, 3:30pm)
Seasoned actor Christopher Plummer first took on the role of groundbreaking actor John Barrymore in 1996 at the Stratford Festival. The show later moved to Broadway, and most recently, has been adapted for film with Christopher Plummer as the lead once again. After this world premiere of the film, Plummer will stick around to discuss the film and his career.

The Island President (September 10, 6:30pm)
The Island President is a film that follows Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, during his first year in office. The film covers his long rise to presidency, his impressive diplomacy as he takes on the world's superpowers, and the threat of his country's extinction as sea levels around the Maldives rise.

Tilda Swinton (September 11, 11:45am)
Tilda Swinton has had an incredible career continually challenging audiences, filmmakers, and herself. She has done phenomenal work as both an actress and producer, with her most recent film, We Need to Talk About Kevin, playing in the Festival this year. She'll be discussing her career with TIFF's Artistic Director Noah Cowan.

In Conversation With... Francis Ford Coppola (September 11, 12pm)
This event really needs no explanation. Francis Ford Coppola, the man who brought the world The Godfather and about a million other outstanding films, will be in town chatting with TIFF's Co-Director Cameron Bailey.

Sony Pictures Classics: 20 Years in the Business (September 11, 3pm)
This year marks Sony's 20th anniversary. To celebrate, Sony's founders, Michael Barker and Tom Benard, will be in town sharing their war stories from the movie business and behind the scenes at TIFF.

Deepa Mehta and Salman Rushdie (September 12, 2pm)
It's not quite Rushdie's most controversial work, but Midnight's Children is often said to be his best. The story, which is set in post-colonial India, is soon to be released as a film. Rushdie and director Deepa Mehta will be in at TIFF to discuss the novel and its challenging transition to film. They'll also be showing a few clips!

Neil Young Journeys (September 12, 7)
I didn't get to attend Neil Young's solo tour at Massey Hall earlier this year, but those historic two nights were captured on film. After the screening, Neil Young and filmmaker Jonathan Demme will be on hand to discuss the work.

Tahrir 2011: The good, the bad, and the politician (September 17, 3:15pm)
This new documentary is one of the first to take a deep look at recent events in Egypt. The film is broken in three parts examining the heros, the enemies, and the politics of Tahrir. Two of Cairo-based filmmakers involved with the film will share their take on the uprising after the screening.

A big thanks to Warrior, an Alliance film in theatres September 9th, for sponsoring our coverage of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

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