The 6th Annual Feminist Porn Awards

The 6th Annual Feminist Porn Awards get underway tonight at the Gladstone Hotel. Presented by Good for Her, the sexually progressive sex shop and learning centre (and blogTO's #2 favourite sex shop in the city!), the ceremony and other related events are a celebration of feminist sex that just keep on giving. Over the next three days the city will be inundated with sex-positive messages regarding women, men, the fe/male gaze and alternative sexualities whether they are ready for it or not.

While it seems like a straightforward awards ceremony, it's not without controversy. Unfortunately, when many think of porn awards, it's hard not to imagine (Silicone) Valley clones with little creative input, contentious roles and little to say and greasy male producers churning the same tired sexist material out year after year, so the Feminist Porn Awards exists as the alternative to the outdated norm. One of the best things about this event is that while on one side of the city we will be celebrating porn in a way that celebrates both women and men (and women and women, etc), Charlie Sheen will be on the other side of Yonge St. trying to convince people that his own brand of sexism is "winning." Sure, we'll see who the real winners are.

Feminist Porn Awards

Launch Party - Wednesday April 13th, Gladstone Hotel, 7-10pm, Free!

The launch party tonight is a free for all to attend and will have some teasing tidbits of what the next two nights will entail. The launch will be comprised of screenings of some of the nominated films including Maybe He's Gifted by N. Maxwell Lander and Beau Charlie; Said and Done by Link Ross and Picnic in the Rain by Sam Martin. Look forward to a performance by nominee and porn star extraordinaire Sasha St. James and for the evening to be musically enhanced by DJ Sasha Von Bon Bon.

Public.Provocative.Porn: The Year's Best in Feminist Film - Thursday April 14th, Bloor Cinema, 9:30pm, $12

On Thursday night, the Porn Awards slide on over to the Bloor Cinema for an R rated night of clips and discussion, as the Trailblazer winner (and Slutty Schoolteacher educator!) from last year, Tristan Taormino introduces a panel that will discuss where feminist porn has come in the last 5 years. The panel will be moderated by Coco La Creme with a question and answer period for all your pressing queries.

The 6th Annual Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards - Friday April 15th, Berkeley Church, 9:30pm, $17 adv/$22 door

Finally Friday is the main event where the winners get can blasted with recognition of their hard, hard work and the losers can find solace in the arms of a frenetic fan. Participate in the silent auction that promises to be as steamy as the clips and nominees and prepare yourself, as the night will also feature performances by Toronto's favourite male burlesque troupe BoylesqueTO and returning Porn Awards panel moderator and performer Coco La Creme.

When all is said and done, be sure to check for your favourite films at the Good for Her website, but beware, some have sold out already in eager anticipation of the award announcement. I should know, I've already checked!

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