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Toronto After Dark 2008 - Final Screenings

All good things must come to an end, and the 2008 Toronto After Dark Film Festival is no exception. While the past seven days have resulted in line-ups around the block at the Bloor Cinema, zombies and ghouls marching around Toronto and people pouring out of Paupers Pub for Pub After Dark, the festival will be wrapping up tomorrow. Luckily however, they've saved some of the very best and most highly anticipated films for last, not to mention the always interesting Closing Night Party.

First up, Tokyo Gore Police. The Japanese horror genre loves to focus on dismemberment. This is evident in films such as Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Ichi the Killer. A popular convention in the dismemberment genre is to replace missing limbs with mechanical ones. This was done quite literally in Machine Girl, a film directed by one of the directors of Tokyo Gore Police. They change the convention slightly in Tokyo Gore Police, envisioning a dystopic future where self-mutilation is normalized to the point of it being a popular sub-culture, where police must combat techno-villains who can sprout weapons from any wound. The only hope is Eihi Shiina, who you may have seen as the sadistic actress from horror film Audition, as a cop who needs to take them all down, but will she succeed?

The film screening afterwards, Home Movie, has been described by both Festival Director Adam Lopez and Festival Programmer Peter Kuplowsky as being the scariest film in the festival this year. Home Movie follows the Poe family as they move to upper state New York to live out the American dream, while also trying to hide the fact that their children might be turning evil. The film plays on popular horror conventions; a family moving to a small, rural town, creepy children who just get creepier (i.e Children of the Corn) and first-person camera perspectives, to immerse you in their nightmare.

The last film of the festival would be the surprise late-addition of I Sell The Dead. The film just finished wrapping up before Toronto After Dark started and this will be the North American and World Premiere for the film. I Sell the Dead follows Dominic Monaghan as a graverobber who has unfortunately been sentenced to death for his crimes of profiting off the sale of supernatural corpses. On his final night before the gallows, his only company is Toronto After Dark favourite, Ron Perlman, as a priest with whom he confides all of his best tales. The Closing Night Party is bundled in with tickets of I Sell the Dead, and will be after the film at the Bovine Sex Club, just east of Bathurst on Queen.

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from October 17th to 24th at the Bloor Cinema. Tickets can be purchased at the Bloor Cinema or online in advance.

Image: I Sell the Dead from Toronto After Dark Film Festival

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