Liquor and Porn Fest

Darryl's Hard Liquor and Porn Fest: Your TIFF Alternative

Darryl's Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival returns for its 9th bang up show this Saturday September 6th, and represents a welcome alternative to the throng of upcoming TIFF galas. Over 20 hilarious and clever short pornographic films from around the world will be featured this year.

Your ticket invites you to come as your 'inner porn star' and also includes a drink at the Bloor cinema (which is fully licensed for the evening), as well as entry into the after-party at the Annex Wreckroom. With an awards ceremony featuring the winners of the 69 hour film challenge, organizers Darryl and Jill are looking forward to another raucous year of tongue-in-cheek (or your choice of orifice) drunken revelry. Take a look at the films being offered; you may want to revise your weekend plans and break out the leather & lace!

This year marks the third time Darryl Gold has brought the Hard Liquor and Porn Fest to the Bloor cinemas in Toronto. Last year's event was a great success, and organizers Darryl and Jill have had to add a second screening to the 2008 festival to make sure everyone can get in.

"The film and distribution industry is really limiting, and makes it difficult for short films to get out there," explains Darryl. "Everyone's trying to dominate and monopolize the industry, maximize the profit; they've got their formula and try to crowd out the little guy. I like putting this show together because it's got a potential for success. I want to create an audience for film makers and an environment for films to be made, especially short films, then build it up and increase it." For executive producer Jill, who is also a mother of three, working on this fest gives her the inspiration and drive to create her own films - two of which are featured in this year's program.

Considering the festival's subject matter - liquor, porn, and sexuality - one might expect a raunchy, hardcore offering. However, the 24-25 films being featured are anything but. In fact, some of the short films offer witty and highly creative takes on sexuality, while others are just plain hilarious. The entries to the 69 hour film challenge will also be part of the show, which required film makers to use random, wacky items (a radio, something Swedish, a toaster oven) in their time-limited porn shoots.

The film offerings also include several grindhouse-style entries, stop motion animation, ironic film noir, and even this fantastic new music video from the

Toe Jam Porn

Brighton Port Authority (featuring music by Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), David Byrne, and Dizzee Rascal; which plays with black censor bars.

Tickets are available at the door for both the 7pm and 10:30pm shows, and organizers Darryl and Jill are anticipating their best event yet; so break out your best lingerie and bring your #1 fluffer this Saturday!

Photos: Darryl's Hard Liquor and Porn Festival and promonews

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