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This Week in Film: August 4th 2008

This Civic Holiday edition of This Week in Film is brought to you by the combined and awesome forces of Caribana and Lord Simcoe Day, so kick back and do what I do, enjoy the aftermath of the long weekend with some popcorn and a movie. Whether you prefer a real life version of a John Hughes movie, German art films, swashbuckling pirate romance films or maudlin vacations in Venice, we've got it all. Special added weekend bonus; an informal quiz about how you enjoy reading this column.

Documentary American Teen has been impressing audiences at festivals and preview screenings all across Canada and the US. Following the senior year of several artfully picked teenagers, director Nanette Burstein may have discovered the most iconic graduating class since The Breakfast Club, or at least, Superbad. At least, depending on who you listen to. Decide for yourself, as American Teen can be seen at the Yonge and Dundas AMC.

Recover from a long weekend of bbqs' and patios by watching a film chock full of heroes, giants, villains, wizards, true love, not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale. Yes, the swift have already guessed that I'm referring to Yonge and Dundas Square's Tuesday night screening of The Princess Bride on Tuesday evening at 9pm. They fall in love, he dies at sea, she gets absconded by a jowly prince and that's only the first twenty minutes!

On the flip-side, the Harbourfront Free Film on Tuesday is one of the most iconic German films of recent memory, Run, Lola Run. The film not only introduced us to Franka Potente who went on to star in some of the Bourne films, but Tom Twyker who continued to betwixt audiences with, one of my favourites, The Princess and The Warrior. Whether you're a fan of parallel-narrative tales, films with intense soundtracks, random psychedelic animation sequences, or just red-headed female ravers, Lola can win you over.

Lunchino Visconti's haunting adaptation of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice stirs up the melodrama on Wednesday Tuesday at the Cinematheque Ontario. The film narrates the winter of composer Gustav von Aschenbachs' life in a resort in Venice, as he becomes increasingly obsessed with youth and vitality, especially in the form of a teenage boy also residing in the same hotel.

The Bloor Cinema continues to turn up the heat with contemporary and classic films this Wednesday as The Evil Dead, takes a swing at the 9:30pm slot. But things just get better on Thursday with Sergio Leone's masterpiece film, For a Few Dollars More. Whether zombies or cowboys are your bag, the Bloor has you covered.

Quiz time; I'm sure this has escaped all but the most dedicated readers of this column, but I've recently played around with the format and released a few posts on the weekends. I wanted to know whether TWIF readers preferred a weekday or weekend posting of upcoming films this week. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

Thanks Kajsa for the Cinematheque correction!

Image: Lola from Run Lola Run

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