Sweeney Todd

This Week in Film: December 21st 2007

It seems only fitting that my first installment of 'This Week in Film' is right before one of the bigger box office weekends of the year. But with lackluster releases this week such as Charlie Wilson's War, AVP2, National Treasure 2 and the surprisingly underwhelming Walk Hard, it seems that the releases of yester-week will top the box office again. (I'm looking at you, Will2k). The only wide-release exception this week seems to be Sweeney Todd, so perhaps after spending too many hours cooped up with family, a bit of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in a macabre musical will be exactly what you need.

Luckily however, we have no lack of local cinema to keep us properly entertained over the holidays.

Starting Friday December 21st, look no further than the Bloor Cinema for the cheesy and delightful White Christmas by Irving Berlin and starring Bing Crosby. It's the Bloor's annual 'Free Members' screening where the screening is free for members, seniors and children. Not one of either? Simply let go of $3 and you'll gain admission to the film, a six month membership and perhaps some delicious Bloor popcorn too. The screening starts at 7pm but it's crowded every year, so try to get there around 6:15-6:30 if you plan on getting a decent seat.

On a more obscure note, the Revue which spent this week playing a confusing bill of Eastern Promises and Bad Santa, is offering its own quirky Christmas themed event on Friday night at 9:30 with a repeat on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. 'Christmas-Kitsch-A-Roo' is a screening devoted to lost short films about Santa and Christmas, with the Friday evening screening containing a noteworthy old 'Punch and Judy' type of sketch.

Last but not least, the Royalisn't showing Christmas themed films per se, but The Wizard of Oz mid-week onwards. It's no Darkside of Oz but it may be worth a revisit at the new, plush Royal.

Until next week!

Image courtesy of Depp Impact

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