Still from Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

Festival Flash: Hidden Gems

I'm still working on figuring out my picks for the Toronto International Film Festival, and unlike Matt, I don't have such rigid criteria when making my choices. That being said, I too will watch anything starring Ellen Page, so at least Matt and I agree on that point.

So here we are, about 24 hours before you have to hand in your picks, so it only makes sense I highlight a few movies that are promising to be quite good but may get overlooked when most people make their selections. After the jump, I'll give you a quick look at four feature films that weren't on Matt's list and that haven't been mentioned in my Festival Flash posts this week.

Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame
Hana Makhmalbaf has a lot to live up to, coming from one of the most renown film-making families in the world, and luckily she meets all expectations in her new feature Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame. The story of a young girl in rural Afghanistan who just wants to go to school, Makhmalbaf's movie is a wonderful exposition of a people still plagued with the horrors of war.

If you were blind and had the chance to get surgery to give you sight, would you jump at the chance? How would the people around you feel? Tamar van den Dop's film Blind attempts to answer these questions through a love story between two unlikely lovers.

Help Me Eros
Lee Kang-sheng's new film Help Me Eros is being touted as being a provocative, darkly comic and sexually daring film. With storylines involving smoking, stalking, stealing, and lots of sexual tension, this film offers everything you expect from a film that pushes boundaries and buttons.

The Besieged Fortress
Set in the vast African savannah, Philippe Calderon's The Besieged Fortress is a big movie that deals with big issues in the smallest of places: a termite hill. With barbarians, invasions, natural disasters, and epic battles, this movie is not just for kids, even though it is being presented in the Sprockets programme.

I've got a few other film titles you might want to check out when going through the official film schedule: Four Women, Jar City, The Last Lear, The Shock Doctrine, Terra, Angel, and Caramel.

There are tons of other amazing films that will be showing at the festival and that I just don't have the time and space to be writing about, so be sure to get your copy of the complete film list and check out blogTO's continuing coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival for our picks and tips for this year's festival.

Do you have any other hidden gems that you want to share with blogTO readers? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Still from Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame.)

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