Hot Docs: MOZARTBALLS and Free Screenings

He's excited about his MOZARTBALLS.

Laughter erupts from the theatre as MOZARTBALLS made its Toronto premiere as part of HOT DOCS Canadian Spectrum's Opening Night film at the Isabel Bader Theatre. The ever loveable and clever Director Larry Weinstein was far too comfortable on stage as his self-deprecating humour set the tone for the nights festivities.

MOZARTBALLS - the latest in his Composer's-only kick pays tribute to the man also known as Wolfgang.

Featuring a cast of off-beat and eccentric characters - from a Mozart-obsessed retired Swiss schoolteacher, to a woman who believes her body has been inhibited by Mozart's spirit this quirky doc is both engaging in how something so seemingly trivial affects people's lives so deeply.

During the Q and A, Larry came to reveal how the project was founded. He was approached by a German broadcaster to do something for Mozart's 250th anniversary. The logic was, because there would be so many tributes to the great composer done by Austrians and Germans during that time, that they wanted something different (re: quirky). "I'm not going to the Austrians or Germans, I'm going to a Canadian!" Cue laughter.

Afterwards, I had the good fortune of being given the only Mozart-Kugen (Mozartball) Larry Weinstein had in his coat pocket. It's a chocolate ball confection with a pistachio and marzipan centre and very delightful, especially after watching footage of the candy being made. My friend and I split it with a pair of tongs at the Canadian Spectrum Party at the Bata Shoe Museum and toasted it with a glass of wine.

While the Ceebs will be airing it sometime in the future, you can still catch its second screening this coming Tuesday, May 2nd at 1:30pm at the Isabel Bader Theatre

All Matinee screenings (before 6PM) are FREE for Seniors and Students.

And speaking of FREE SCREENINGS, HOT DOCS is also presenting LATE NIGHT screenings (after 11PM) FREE for everyone.

I've been instructed to advise you if you are wanting to check THE DUCKLING, playing FREE tomorrow night at 11PM at the Bloor to bring a box of tissues as it is an incredibly raw and emotional journey of a young woman trying to understand why she is the way she is by airing dirty family laundry. From the way it was described to me, it's like some has jabbed you in the chest with a pocket knife and twisted it.

I apologize in advance if you hear me sniffling in the back.

Photo courtesy of Hot Docs Film Festival

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