WSFF Review: CDN 3: Love, Accidentally

Canadian shorts programme 3: Love, Accidentally was a fairly solid screening from beginning to end. There was something for everybody in this mixed genre grab bag of finding love either deliberately or accidentally or getting rid of it altogether. Nice eh?

It started with the visually stunning LEPIDULTEROUS, a story told in dance of a caterpiller and spider who fall in love only to realize in the end, they are much too different.

QUELQUES ECLATS D'AUBE (UNTIL DAWN) was a moody tale about a homeless girl who accepts the offer of coffee at a stranger's place. Well acted and well paced, it envoked a sense of awkward discovery yet comforted that they knew nothing of each other.

One of the reasons why I wanted to see this programme was because of STRIPPED, showcasing the art of pole dancing by someone who practises on a regular basis. It was more humourous than instructional. Kudos to the dancer who has to wear those killer heels while doing it.

The well shot GOLD was one of the less impressive of the group. It's probably just my opinion but the point of view shifted within the story itself. Exactly who's story is it? Is it the street hustler hired to paint the painting of the artiste going blind, or is the artiste who sees more than the street hustler sees in himself? Or is that the point? ... see my confusion?

SNIP, while amusing for the first 30 seconds made me want to go into convulsions like after watching a Pokemon cartoon. Perhaps, that type of animation isn't meant for the big screen and plays better on the small. I've seen animation like this over a jazz tune very similar to what the NFB would produce and I enjoy it ... when it's on my 23 inch screen.

I was too much of a chick to really get into TOMORROW DOESN'T LOOK GOOD EITHER, a short from Vancouver. A group of guys go out for a night on the town, not really knowing where they're going and using up Dean's gas. Dean, looses his cellphone, gets stood up and his lights knocked out all thanks to his friends. It's a look at the sincerity of friendship.

It should become a requisite for every single man to watch THE DEAL BREAKER. This is what you don't do, say, or talk about when you want to get to date number two ... or if you want to get laid that night.

I gushed repeatedly during PEN PALS a cute animation story of a pencil duelling against the superiority of a graphic pen for the affection of a fetching pencil. It makes you think, is the pencil mightier than the pen?

The programme ended darkly with THE HILL, a modern fairy tale of Jack and Jill and what really happened on the hill. It challenges people's perceptions, what they say and how they say it becomes increasingly important as we find out what may or may not have happened on that hill.

CDN 3: Love, Accidentally rescreens Saturday at 4pm at the Isabel Bader Theatre

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