Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Plot Holes

Lemony Snicket. I hated the way it rolled off my tongue. But I suppose this wasn't really supposed to be a pleasing experience, as the narrator warned. The cinematography carried a dark feel to it, like that of a Tim Burton movie. Jim Carrey's character could have easily been played by Johnny Depp. As a child, dark fantasy movies had always fascinated me and I found myself playing into the same intrigue again.

However, it was Jim Carrey's performance that really had me laughing. His acting, his one liners and his numerous characters were a joy to witness. The baby was also a hilarious addition to the plot, making adorable faces, speaking in cute baby gibberish, and biting everything in sight! I felt a bit of childish interest, wondering "What would I do in a situation like that? Would I be as ingenious as these child heroes/heroines?" The characters were very defined, all with their own quirks. The scenery was always larger than life and shrouded in imagination from houses suspended above the sea to old decrepid mansions and reptile sanctuaries, which made the film visually appealing.

lemony snicket 3.jpg

But don't get too comfy. Though you can hear his voice narrating, there's really not enough Jude Law (who represents the mysterious Lemony Snicket). Who is Lemony Snicket, afterall, and why does he tell this story? How are the Baudelaire children's parents related to Count Olaf, Aunt Josephine, and Klaus Baudelaire (as revealed in a photograph uncovered at Aunt Josephine's home)? This plot may suffice for children but it provides too many questions and not enough answers for the adult viewer. Perhaps the screenwriters just selected various characters and circumstances from Daniel Handler's three different books and loosely strung them together.

My Rating for Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events: 3/5

1 = I wouldn't watch this if it were downloaded illicitly and I was bored out of my mind
2 = I might rent it one day if I have the money
3 = I'd surely go see it on half price Tuesday or a matinee
4 = Worth every penny! I'll tell my friends about it.
5 = I need to add this to my DVD collection and I suggest you do the same!

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