Get Fockerized!

"I didn't expect a sequel to be so funny!"
"The end was the best part!"
"Oh my God, that was hysterical!"

The comments after Meet The Fockers were plentiful as people shook off their last chuckles. For me, it was a non-stop giggle fest. Had I somehow accidentally inhaled some Nitrous Oxide in the movie theatre, or did writers John Hamburg and James Herzfeld just concoct the perfect tonic of sillyness, absurdity, terrible coincidences, and embarassingly funny humour yet again?

The physical comedy was there again, as with its predecessor, but it was the carefully-scripted witty banter and the satisfying pacing that elicited the most laughter and created the most enjoyment for me. New characters like The Fockers portrayed by Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand were wonderfully developed, and it was nice to see The Byrnes family (from Meet The Parents) growing and changing in realistic and meaningful ways as the story progressed. Mrs. Byrnes especially had a lot more character this time, which was relieving. The baby nephew seemed a bit out of place at first, but quickly won me over with his seemingly above average IQ and his sense of humour that mirrored my own. He laughed when I laughed and cried when I would have cried.

Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro were magnificent antagonists in this star-studded drama, and rumour has it that Hoffman really did push De Niro's buttons on-set! Another interesting tidbit: the name Focker was actually inspired by a real Canadian family surname! It's no surprise this movie made $162,461,370 at the box office in just two weeks.

Some movies you need to see at the theatre because the large screen accentuates the big action or the surround sound reverberates your seat to engage you more. However, for comedies it's the communal spirit that makes it a theatre must-see. There's nothing like laughing along with a packed room full of people, enjoying the same widely appealing jokes. I felt a sense of loss as I left the theatre and wanted to run back in and laugh some more.

My Rating for Meet The Fockers: 4.5/5.0

1 = I wouldn't watch this if it were downloaded illicitly and I was bored out of my mind
2 = I might rent it one day if I have the money
3 = I'd surely go see it on half price Tuesday or a matinee
4 = Worth every penny! I'll tell my friends about it.
5 = I need to add this to my DVD collection and I suggest you do the same!

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