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Toronto woman slams Shoppers Drug Mart for high prices of beauty products

While the drugstore used to be a place you could find affordable beauty products and basic necessities, rising inflation and price gouging have made it almost impossible to keep shopping hauls under $100. 

TikTok creator, Care with Kate, regularly posts shopping vlogs, as well as travel, skincare, haircare, and wellness-related content. 

Kate recently visited a Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto to shed light on some of the ridiculous prices beauty lovers must shell out in order to purchase certain products. 

Some of the items highlighted by Kate include a beauty blender for $12, tinted moisturizer for $30, makeup brushes for $32, nail polish for $16, makeup wipes for almost $19, and Aveeno body lotion for $27. 

"I also noticed they inflate the original price when there's a sale to make it look better," Kate said in her TikTok. 

"I couldn't find body wash for under $8, like that's scary, that's a basic necessity," she continued. 

Kate noted that the razor prices were sky-high, with one product even selling for a whopping $74. 

"Quo is seriously out to lunch, this was the worst price gouging, and the fact that it's owned by the Loblaws family makes it so much worse," she said. 

Lots of beauty lovers commented under the original TikTok, sharing that they too have avoided purchasing products from Shoppers Drug Mart given its astronomical prices. 

"I never shop there anymore, there's no way to justify these prices," one person shared. 

"$11 secret deodorant, for that price does the cashier spit in your face after you pay too? Damn," another shopper commented. 

"Why is everything so much more expensive in Canada??? And how do we stop it? What is the solution??" one user asked. 

Following her Shoppers trip, Kate visited a local Dollarama, where she said she found similar products, such as masks, toothpaste, and deodorant all for under $5. 

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