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Pizza monster straight out of a horror movie spotted around Toronto

A weird "pizza pixie" has been cavorting around Toronto lately, and there are photos to prove it.

You can be forgiven for doing a double take: pizza pixie? Photos of the creature seem far from your average "pixie," more like a nightmarish Cronenberg fantasy of your favourite food come to life in the freakiest way.

These photos are actually just the result of makeup and special effects artist Hally Levy having some fun with a prop that didn't end up getting used.

"The mask was made for a commercial that ended up going in another direction. They cancelled before I finished it, that's why it looks so creepy," Levy tells blogTO.

"I couldn't just let the pizza mask waste away on a shelf in the back of my studio."

Most of Levy's work is for indie horror genre TV and they specialize in special effects, so they make prosthetics and masks regularly.

"I'm sure that rubs off on everything I touch," says Levy. "I wish more commercials wanted big cartoonish masks, I would love to make more work like this."

In the spirit of not letting the mask go to waste, Levy's "friend/collaborator/muse" Cam Lee offered to model and style the mask, so they did a photo shoot at Dufferin Mall with Levy's phone.

If you think this mask is the stuff of nightmares, you might never want to see it again, but if you want it to make a special appearance just for you, that might be possible.

"The pizza mask is available for hire," says Levy. "She does birthdays, bat mitzvahs, and funerals."

However cheeky that offer might be, if you have any freaky mask or funky performer needs here in Toronto, these very creative people are probably a great place to start.

Lead photo by

Hally Levy

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