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Party style: the best looks from an after-party at Mahjong Bar in Toronto

Mahjong Bar was packed with creatives across the city for Chinelo Yasin's first exhibition after-party

People were dancing to the sounds of DJ's Savv, Hangaelle, Bambii and Chinelo herself. It seemed like everyone in attendance was dressed in the most intricate and unique looks.

after party outfits

Shane, artists (@shaneilayagarcia left) and @auntyjerry (right)

What I noticed was everyone's ability to take neutral toned outfit pieces and make them pop. From double or triple layering outfits, it's evident that 90s underground and DIY fashion is back with a modern spin.

after party outfits

Zeina, stylist (@cairofruit)

I spoke with two partygoers about their outfits and what inspired them to wear it out that night. 

after party outfits

Abby, production designer (@abbychevalier)


Abby was decked out in a bright green floor length skirt and an iconic two-hand belt spoke about the silver accessory that brought her whole look together.

"I got this at Value Village Lansdowne for a good $20 but it was worth it," said Abby. "It's unique, I've never seen anything like it before and honestly I only bring it out on special occasions like this one."

The belt gave off a celestial style with its silver colour, alongside a Michelangelo-esque element to it with the fingers ever so slightly touching allowing the belt to connect.

For a Value Village find, Abby my have hit the jackpot with this accessory, giving a late-90s Jean Paul Gaultier vibe.

after party outfits

Sam, photographer and digital creator (@aka.samyang)


Sam had the most detailed look of the night, layered in contrasting textures and wearing a puffer and astro-turf like sweater. 

Sam gave me an insight on his beautifully assembled puffer jacket.

"I’m really into this teal/gray puffer jacket that I thrifted recently, it has the coolest lines and shape details on it and it also has a slight shine to it which is sick," he said. 

"Such an incredible textural piece, it also doesn't have a label on it so it feel like it’s a sample someone designed and it happened to have landed in a thrift shop so i feel so lucky to have found it."

Sam also talked about his inspirations, saying he was aiming for an extraterrestrial space explorer look which is paired with his constant exploration of textures.

"I made a headpiece with a chrome star belt that tied around my green military wool beret," said Sam.

after party outfits

Ru, digital creator (@urlocalbrwnskn left) Tamir, artist (@humbletigre right)

after party outfits

Ssunday, artist (@redssunday)

after party outfits

Chinelo, DJ and photographer (@chineloyasin)

after party outfits

Angel (@anngelles)

A night amongst Toronto's creative scene is always hard to find just a few great looks, with everyone's originality visible through their style.

It really shows how impactful this scene is when it comes to the future of Toronto fashion.

Lead photo by

Rhea Singh

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