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Apartment building in Toronto charging additional fee to load laundry card

Laundry is a time-consuming cleaning task few enjoying doing, and coupled with heightened fees to use laundry machines, the whole experience has been made more dreadful. 

In a thread uploaded to Reddit, one user in Toronto wrote about how random fees associated with loading laundry cards were getting out of control.

The user also attached an image which shows the Coinmatic machine charging an extra fee when reloading the card. 

"Coinmatic now charges 25 cents to reload a laundry card to then use on Coinmatic laundry machines in my apartment," the post reads. "This was only introduced late last week." 

The thread has already amassed nearly 300 comments at the time of writing, with lots of people chiming in that they too have noticed the extra fee when reloading their card. 

Others poked fun at the fact that at least the machine doesn't ask for a tip while reloading your card. 

"I'm suprised it doesn't prompt you for a tip yet," one person wrote. "You don't tip the change machine in the laundry room? You monster," another person joked. 

"Hey, I just noticed that last night too in my building!!!! I was pissed. I guess I'm gonna try and add money online and see if there's no fee that way? It's annoying because it's not instant that way. I think I pay like at least $30 a month doing laundry. It's bullshit,” one user said. 

"Noticed this in my apartment as well. I figure this was a sneakier and simpler way of increasing their revenue versus changing every machine to charge more," another person said. 

Have you noticed any extra fees associated with loading your laundry card? Let us know!

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