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Toronto clothing company shuts down operations

Toronto streetwear brand, The Legends League, just announced that it's officially shutting down operations.

In a heartfelt letter penned by the brand's creator, Bryan Espiritu, supporters and customers were given some insight into why the difficult decision was made.

"The decision comes after years of consideration, hours of conversations with my closest friends and creative peers, and a desire to create from a place that is true to who I am today," Espiritu wrote.

The streetwear brand was created by Espiritu back in 2007, and was well known for offering innovative and artistic designs on different clothing pieces.

"LL was created out of my necessity to do something positive with the chaos in my life. It was birthed from turmoil, and that origin became a part of its DNA that I couldn't personally detach from, " he explained. "Yes, it did adapt, and grow, but there was no success or milestone, no rebrand or iteration of it that could remove itself entirely from the memories of personal pain that it carried."

Espiritu explained that as he grew into his true self, LL began to feel like too small a pot for him to fluorish in, partially because the brand had outlived its intended purpose.

"The positive impact this brand has had on me, the electricity I've been able to feel and be motivated by through my interactions with all of you personally, and the avenues that have been opened for me thanks to every person I ever worked with, or had the pleasure of sharing products and experiences with through LL is undeniable," he wrote.

In the coming months, Espiritu announced that he will continue to create and share his work through his personal channels. Any products he makes available will exist on current LL site until all of the backend transitions are complete and the site redirects itself to a new URL.

"The ride that LL has been cannot be replicated. I hope that the memories that you carry from the brand, the product, the music, videos, photos, events, pop-ups, captions, releases, line-ups, parties, BBQs, stoop hangs, shop talks, blog posts, and every other intangible facet this thing developed over the last 15 years, stay with you in a meaningful way,” Espiritu said.

Current LL products on the site will also remain available until they sell out, and 2023 product releases that went into production this year will be the "last true LL pieces ever."

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