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Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing Justin's Toronto Argos sweater and now it's fashun

One of the greatest things about being married to a total hypebeast is getting to steal borrow all of your partner's clothes... or at least it seems that way when observing attached-at-the-hip, style-forward couples like Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey (née Baldwin.)

Bieber himself admitted to GQ last April that he and Hailey "tend to share clothes," and if photos of the duo snapped in Los Angeles this weekend are any indication, his wife just turned one of his old crewnecks into a veritable fashion statement.

Every major fashion outlet from Harper's Bazaar to Vogue to WWD has now featured the images in question, which show Hailey wearing an oversized navy blue sweater that reads "Toronto Argos."

I can say with near-certainty that the American nepo-baby didn't seek out merch for a Canadian football team on her own. Or maybe she did? Who knows? Whatever the case, many writers seem certain that the sweater came from Justin's closet — and they laaahhhv it.

"Pulling a move straight out of Princess Diana's style playbook, Hailey wore an oversized sweater with a pair of bike shorts. The sweater, however, was from the Toronto Argos (the Canadian football team)," mused Christian Allaire for Vogue when analyzing the fit.

"Since Justin is Canadian and a huge sports fan, something tells us this vintage-looking sweater was purchased by him. Though Hailey gave it a true model-off-duty (or rather, royal-off-duty) vibe, with her sleek shoulder bag and chunky sneakers."

"There's no denying that Princess Diana's signature sporty-preppy style (sneakers and crew socks, blazers and baseball caps) has influenced Hailey Bieber's model off-duty looks over the years. And yesterday, Hailey recreated one of the late princess's iconic outfits once again with a little help from her husband Justin Bieber," wrote InStyle similarly.

"Seemingly borrowing the singer's blue-and-white-striped Toronto Argos sweater (his hometown's football team), Hailey pulled a classic Princess Di and paired the oversized sports jersey with tiny gray bike shorts that barely peeked out from underneath, chunky sneakers, and white socks."

Fans of the CFL's Toronto Argonauts are stoked — a few of them, at least — and so is the league itself.

"We see you Hailey," tweeted the Canadian Football League on Sunday with a photo of the 26-year-old Bieber wife in an Argos sweater.

As for where she got that extra-large crewneck? Justin has previously admitted, "We tend to share clothes."  

"And the CFL top headlines for 2023 are… Dwayne Johnson played in the CFL, Tom Brady likes the Canadian game and now add, Haley Beiber wears Argos sweater," joked Canadian professional football player Justin Palardy in reply.

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