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Toronto barber shop gets bomb scare after suspicious item thrown through window

The Barbershop, a barber near Bloor and Bathurst, got quite a scare on Monday around 3 a.m. after someone threw a big object through their front window, smashing through the glass. 

Though what would immediately register as a potential bomb threat turned out to be a big rock, about 20 to 30 pounds, that was likely picked up someone outside of the city.

The suspects, two men, were caught on camera driving up to the store and chucking the rock through the window. 

The owner of The Barbershop gave the footage to police right away, and is currently waiting on updates of who the potential suspects are. 

Though this was an unexpected and unprecedented event for the store, they simply boarded up their window and continued taking their scheduled appointments for the day.

The rock is still sitting in the same place, untouched. 

"It's staring at me, right in the face," said Alex Gobin, a barber who's been working at the store since 2019. "This whole thing is so strange." 

Though The Barbershop has received a few calls after the event to ask whether services have been affected, they have confirmed that everything is running smoothly and no appointments had to be canceled.

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