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Toronto barber apologizes to man for not cutting daughter's hair because she's a girl

A Toronto dad was very unhappy with a certain barber shop after they refused to cut his daughter's hair, which he says was based on the fact that she's a girl.

It was particularly upsetting to him that this happened during the same week as International Women's Day.

"Just wanted to give a heads up about Little London Barbershop on Gerrard which denied service to my daughter 'because she's a girl' the same week as International Women's Day," the dad wrote in a Facebook post which has since been deleted.

He says the appointment was booked days in advance, the booking system ("rightly") doesn't ask for the child's gender, the haircut was just a shave of one side of the head, and the girl has been to this barber before and was excited to go back for lollipops.

"Nope. Wouldn't do it. Doesn't cut women's hair. Gave my seven year old a lesson in why we need International Women's Day," reads the man's post. "So many questions! What if she actually identified as male? What if I had a son with long hair?"

He goes on to say he's not convinced the denial of the cut was just about hair length, and says an easy fix would be to clarify the length of hair they can service on their website. The website just lists a service of a "kids cut" for children 12 and under.

"I came away from the experience/conversation convinced that had I walked in with a son with the same length of hair, and requested the same style of haircut, I would have left with a happy child," the post continues.

"You've absolutely failed from a customer service perspective, or worse, you really have denied service based on a protected category under the Ontario Human Rights Code."

The man made an edit to the post saying he's hoped to amend it after speaking to management at Little London. Fortunately, they apologized when they spoke further, and the man has accepted the apology and is satisfied with the outcome of the situation.

The man tells blogTO that Little London told him they will be making changes to their website and booking system for clarity and to avoid situations like this in the future, and that employees will also get coaching on how to frame the services they do and don't provide around hair length/style rather than gender.

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