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The best and worst Value Village locations in Toronto

Value Village locations in Toronto can vary widely when it comes to factors like store layout, quality of goods, customer service and pricing. Whether you're dropping off old stuff or on the hunt for a bargain, you're going to want to head to the good locations and skip the ones that aren't so great.

Here are my picks for the best and worst Value Village locations in Toronto.

Keele and Rogers

True thrifters know that if you're looking for awesome deals, you're more likely to find them in a less-central location, rather than the spots everyone goes to. Different demographics in the area go here for different kinds of things. If you're looking for something vintage or rare you might have a better chance of finding it at this spacious location.

Victoria Park and Eglinton

This location is also great for not being so central, but still not too difficult to get to. Like at the Keele and Rogers location, people in the area are often visiting for staples like workwear, basics, and items for kids, so you'll be able to find cool, overlooked treasures a bit more easily here.


This location has some of the biggest sections for furniture, shoes, electronics and home decor out of any location in the city. There's also usually a decent selection of brand-name clothing.


There's a huge parking lot outside this location, which is useful if you're driving in and picking up a big haul. The selection is typically quite decent and things tend to be in good condition.

Woodbine Downs

The staff are remarked upon at this location for generally being very nice and friendly. Most sections are often organized well, though you may need to hunt to find the cool stuff here.


The clothes tend not to be sorted too well at this Value Village location that's also pretty cramped.


While this may be one of the most central locations of the thrift store chain and there are certainly diehard fans of this spot, it's not what it used to be. The items here tend to be more overpriced, and since everyone knows about this locale, it's rather picked over, so it's hard to nab those great finds.

Danforth East

This store isn't as big as some other Value Village locations, so it gets cramped in some areas, it can be harder to snap up those coveted finds you're always hoping for, and some of the sections aren't as big. For example, don't go here looking for a large selection of electronics or furniture.

Eglinton East

This location is also on the smaller side, meaning the selection is more limited. It's also located in more of a big-box area so it's not the kind of place where you can just stop in if you're wandering around. Further, why is it so close to the Victoria Park and Eglinton location, a seven-minute drive away?

North York (Victoria Park)

Don't confuse this location with the other one on Victoria Park in Scarborough, or you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. This location is smaller, less organized, dirtier and can have wild variations in price, with a lot of overpriced items.

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