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Woman trashes store at Vaughan Mills after they wouldn't take her return

We've all had our fair share of frustrations while shopping but one woman decided to taking hers out on store staff who were simply following store policy.

Earlier this week, someone at Vaughan Mills shopping mall trashed a store because she couldn't get a return.

The incident, captured on video and posted to social media, took place on the afternoon of Feb. 1 inside YaYa & Co., a store popular for women's clothing and accessories.

It all started, according to a store employee, after the woman was told she wouldn't be allowed to return a worn dress.

Upset by the store policy, the woman proceeded to throw clothes and a mannequin to the ground.

"She then started yelling profanities and began to tear things off shelves, throwing things to the floors, lifting tables so that items would slide off onto the floor," alleges a store customer who captured the scene on video.

A video subsequently posted to YaYa & Co.'s Instagram account explains why the return was refused.

"A customer wanted to return a dress that was unfortunately denied due to multiple reasons against our policy. This customer was visibly upset and frustrated," the caption reads.

"We are taking steps to ensure our team knows how to safely react when something like this happens in the future."

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