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People are now getting haircuts outdoors in Toronto

With hair salons and barbershops having been closed for much of the past year, some people in Toronto are desperate for a trim.

A number of stylists, barbers, and others in the hair cutting business have embraced reopening regulations that allow them to cut hair outdoors.

After spending months asking the province to allow them to reopen, this has become a last ditch option available to those hoping to keep their business alive.

Andy Dinner, owner of Your Neighbourhood Barbershop was one of those to take matters into his own hands. He recently offered his services online for people to come get their hair cut just outside his South Etobicoke business.

Within five minutes of the announcement, he was completely booked up, the demand for haircuts far exceeding available time slots.

As of June 2, there are no regulations that prohibit cutting hair outside. Despite the changes in the rules, the sight of some people cutting hair outdoors has led to backlash and some people have even called the cops.

Dinner recalled a recent encounter with police he had while cutting hair outside this past week.

"There were two cop cars sitting across the street, I walked over and he looks at me and says I don't want to be here. I asked if I was doing anything illegal and he says not that I can tell. So I told him thank you very much, have a wonderful day."

Having opened his business last year, Dinner has spent much of the time since struggling to pay bills for his Lake Shore location. The frustration led him to start a GoFundMe and offer outdoor haircuts as a way of making ends meet.

Having done his share of philanthropy, including donating haircuts to those with special needs, Dinner is simply looking for more ways to help his community.

He plans to open his outdoor chair again on Sunday, and has already filled up every appointment slot with people eager to get a professional cut for the first time in months.

Dinner wears a mask, has social distancing circles, and takes every precaution necessary to make sure his customers are safe. After a year where the province kept changing the rules, he makes sure that there's no doubt he's doing the right thing.

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Kimberly Fu Skubic

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