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Toronto woman uses makeup to combat COVID blues and gets 25 million likes on TikTok

COVID-19 was not friendly to the beauty industry, but one Toronto woman gained over a million followers by posting her crazy makeup looks to TikTok.

Thivi, known as lordthivi, has been doing makeup for a number of years, but only started her TikTok account last summer. In just a few months she has blown up, getting nearly two million followers and 25 million likes.

She told blogTO that the platform has really helped her through the pandemic and now she's using it to do the same for her followers.

"TikTok is helping me and it's helping others. During these tough times it's really great to be able to give other people a bit of positive light in their life," she said.

Now, Thivi is a full-time makeup content creator, specializing specifically in creative makeup. Unlike regular or glam, creative makeup focuses much more on designs and characters.

toronto makeup

Thivi transitioned to creative makeup at the start of the pandemic.

When Thivi found herself struggling with the amount of free time she had during the early months of the pandemic, she turned to this form of art for a distraction.

"It really helps take your mind off of things, especially if you are dealing with a lot of personal stuff. I think people are having a tough time in this day and age, but this is definitely something that allows me to express myself."

On TikTok, Thivi is limited to a maximum of 60 seconds to showcase her talent, when in reality it takes her four to six hours to do her face. Some of the makeup looks can even take up to 12 hours to complete, but she does not recommend trying those.

Some makeup looks take Thivi up to 12 hours to complete.

"It's such a great outlet and a really great process, but then as soon as it's done, I'm like okay I need to get this off," she said.

Her hard work doesn't go unnoticed, though, and her makeup looks have gotten her followers from around the world.
toronto makeup

Thivi's butterfly design, completed with fake eyelashes and contact lenses.

"I never in a million years thought that I would even get like 1,000 followers, let alone this many. I'm really overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and the love that I've gotten. I'm so grateful for it," she said.

Thivi believes that creating these makeup videos on TikTok gave her the purpose that she was looking for.

toronto makeup

Thivi uses props in many of her videos to enhance the makeup looks.

As a person of colour she is also aware of her unique position in the beauty industry.

"I think that as a person of colour, you do have to put in that extra work. But when people finally see you, it's such a good moment. I've gotten so many messages saying 'I can't believe someone that looks like me is doing this' or 'I never thought that I could do something like this.'"

toronto makeup

While she is known for her crazy makeup, Thivi will sometimes do a more subtle look.

These words of encouragement are what have pushed Thivi to create even more content and pursue this as a career. Even when the pandemic ends, she has no plans of slowing down.

"I would love to create long term and be able to spread awareness about inclusivity and represent people like myself."

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