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Toronto sisters' rose-shaped candle business is selling out after blowing up on TikTok

A sister trio is selling out of their beautiful rose-shaped candles after their small business blew up on social media. 

Sundus, Suroor and Sarah Aziz are the owners of Blush Candles. The sisters, all in their twenties, grew up in Toronto and are now getting international attention for their business. 

"We never expected such a positive response and we are blown away by the support we received both locally and globally! The words of encouragement we received set the best tone to create a space that promotes positivity and love," said Sundus.

Their TikTok videos have received millions of views and their account is currently sitting at over 16,000 followers.

They told blogTO that they wanted to create a product that is unique, but universal enough to be appreciated by everyone. 

blush candles toronto

This set of half a dozen rose candles from Blush Candles.

Growing up, the sisters would always get a fresh bouquet of roses for every occasion. 

"Whether it was for a birthday, graduation, or just a random day, getting roses always made us feel special and loved. We want our customers to get that same feeling of appreciation for themselves, and for their loved ones," said Sarah.

Because of this strong connection to the flower, the sisters do not plan on expanding the candle business to include other shapes. Instead, they are looking at including different colours and accents.

blush candles toronto

Blush Candles' candle burn time is about five hours.

"There's always something romantic about a rose, either giving it to yourself or gifting it to others. It also fits perfectly with the message we were trying to get across about loving yourself and others," said Sundus.

Of course, like with any business right now, the Aziz sisters had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Suroor tells blogTO that they've experienced challenges related to supplies and shipping, but are committed to fulfilling their orders as promised.

blush candles toronto

The "Love Triangle" includes three of Blush Candles' white roses.

Luckily, they have each other to lean on during the entire process. The trio went from stealing each others' clothing growing up to sharing a business as young adults.

"We have grown up very close and respect each other. Our parents instilled these strong values early on. Even in business our bottom line is the same, despite our difference in opinions at times, we will always love and respect each other," said Sarah.

Currently, Sundas is in New York City attending medical school, and she works remotely with her sisters who remain in Toronto.

blush candles toronto

Blush Candles' products are paraben, phthalate and preservative free.

After their success on TikTok, they've sold out of all their inventory, but plan for a big restock on April 2.

"Our focus is on building a community that promotes positivity and love. We aspire to be a space where people are able to find inspiration to promote any type of love across the world," said Suroor.

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