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Squishmallows are selling out all over Toronto right now

Squishmallows — character plushies that also double as comfy pillows — are the soft, squishy crave that are selling out all over Toronto right now.

With TikToks of people hunting for Squishmallows flooding the internet, it's no wonder Toronto toy stores have been experiencing a surge in the demand for the stuffed animals.

One of the owners at chain Playtime Toys, Joel Reiken, told blogTO that his stock sells out extremely quickly and that "he can't keep up."

Reiten attributed the surge in popularity for these stuffed toys to TikTok all-star Charli D'Amelio, who posted a photo surrounded by Squishmallows on her Instagram. He's always sold the toys, but after this photo he said it's been "crazy."

Queenie's Cards, a toy store in Toronto that sells Squishmallows, has also been having a difficult time keeping up with the high demand. Queenie's restocked Squishmallows on their website on Sunday, and almost everything sold out within one minute.

Buyers are blaming the small business for not being able to get their hands on a Squishmallow. Due to the rude comments, Queenie's Cards announced on Instagram that they will no longer be announcing restocks, and that Squishmallow fanatics will have to check the website regularly to see if their favourite character has been restocked. 

Squishmallow collectors — novice and expert alike — have pointed out that the lack of stock seems to be a Canada-wide issue, too.

Although the thrill of "Squishmallow hunting" may be fun, checking the shelves of every Squishmallow realtor in the area can get a little tiring, especially when the stock is next to none.

Luckily, small businesses like Playtime Toys and Queenie's Cards ship online, along with other Canadian Squishmallow realtors like Kaiklo Gifts, making the hunt just a little easier (when they're actually in stock).

If you're on the hunt for one of these stuffed toys, you better move quickly — and please, save some for the rest of us.

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Queenie's Cards

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