walmart stores closing in ontario

Here are the Walmart stores that are closing in Ontario

Say what you will about Walmart in terms of politics, labour issues, the environment, the economy, the concentration of wealth and consumer behaviour, but there's no denying that people in North America care a great deal about their local Wally Worlds (not that Wally World, this one.)

Thus, when news broke on Monday that Walmart Canada would be closing six stores across the country, the interests of Canadians were piqued.

You'll be pleased to know, if you're reading this from Toronto, that only three stores are set to close in Ontario. Two are to be shuttered in Alberta and one in Newfoundland and Labrador.

It's all part of an overarching plan to improve and modernize the customer experience, according to the retail juggernaut.

Walmart Canada, based in Mississauga, announced yesterday that it would be spending more than $500 million on upgrades this year "with a focus on refurbishing and refreshing stores in communities across the country."

The project is slated to affect more than 60 per cent of all Walmart Canada's physical stores and create some 2,000 construction jobs nationwide. A portion of the funds will also go toward making the online shopping experience "simpler, faster and more convenient" for customers.

Alas, you can't fix lacklustre hair without cutting off some split ends. This is to say that Walmart Canada has decided to close the following six stores as part of its great 2021 revamp:

The company says that all associates at the impacted stores will be offered positions at nearby Walmart locations, and that all locations are in markets "already well served by other Walmart stores."

Residents of at least one Ontario community are upset, nonetheless, and are currently circulating a petition to that effect.

"Walmart in Malton is choosing to leave the community. An abrupt decision that causes the loss of a large employer and access to fresh food," reads the petition in favour of saving the Malton Walmart.

"What is next for Malton? An oft forgotten about corner of Mississauga, isolated from services, shopping and business. We understand business decisions need to be made but residents have a right to access fresh food, general merchandise and affordable retail."

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