lift bra project

This Toronto woman has collected over 300 bras from people across Toronto

Becky Allen White of Toronto's Leaside community has been collecting bras for the Lift: Bra Project, and you can also support the project.

White got involved with the initiative that donates gently-used bras to about 10 different women's shelters across the city last year and decided to give it another go this February.

"It may seem random but having a bra that fits properly is so important in just how you feel and your confidence," White told blogTO.

"These women have escaped probably horrible situations and packing a bra might've been the last thing on their mind."

So far, nearly 350 bras have been brought to her makeshift collection box on her front porch at 49 Glenvale Blvd. and she'll be continuing to collect until the end of the month.

lift bra project

274 bras have been collected so far in the Leaside neighbourhood. Photo by Becky Allen White. 

"With the pandemic, you don't want to be up close and personal with people so I have a Rubbermaid bin that sits outside and people can come and drop their bra off. For me it's like Christmas, I come home and there are always things inside," White says.

"Somebody donated six maternity nursing bras. I've got sports ones, simple ones, fancy, you name it, every kind of bra. Some of them still have price tags on them."

Following Lift's policy that every donated bra must pass the best friend test, as in you'd feel fine lending it to your best friend, White encourages people to donate bras with no rips, stains, or worn out straps or support.

White says it's been great to see the community get involved and expects even more donations over the next week. 

"People want to do something but they might not know what to do," she says. "We all have [a bra] in our drawer. Certainly, it's a privilege having a beautiful bra, and there are others that are without and that can benefit."

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Lift: Bra Project

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