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People in Toronto mistaking U of T Anthropology department for Anthropologie store

The names may sound alike but the U of T Anthropology department doesn't sell overpriced look-alike heirlooms or pseudo-bohemian blouses.

That doesn't stop people from calling the university's Anthropology department on a fairly regular basis looking for Anthropologie, the clothing and lifestyle store in West Queen West, according to U of T administrative and communications assistant Matt Blair.

"Yes, it's true that we do periodically get calls from Anthropologie customers who have Googled the wrong number," Blair told blogTO in an email. "It's never an inconvenience or a disruption."

But after getting the latest call on Wednesday this week, Blair decided to put out a tweet to clear up the confusion.

"I thought I'd tweet a quick disclaimer for fun before getting down to work," he said.

The tweet ended up generating discussion, nearly 2,000 retweets and more than 20,000 likes.

The comments ranged from intellectual to humorous.

"What if I want to return an ill-fitting cultural expectation? Which manager can I speak to?" one person joked.

"I am sorry, the manager responsible for cultural expectations is no longer with us," another person responded. 

Most commenters mixed the store's style and the university's academia.

"But I need a peasant blouse now...and the analysis of the 'bohemian' trend of the last twenty years and how it can maliciously appropriate different marginalized communities," one person posted.

Other people worried students were calling the store mistaking it for the university.

Most people just found the tweet really funny.

And people congratulated Blair for a job well-done.

For Blair's part, he never expected all the attention for one tweet.

"We did not at all expect it to take off in the way that it did," he said.

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