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These small-batch vegan skincare products in Toronto look good enough to eat

A Toronto business has been making small-batch skincare products that are vegan, but don't sink your teeth into them no matter how much they might look like brownies or smoothie bowls.

Kemsi Essentials makes body bars that almost look like dessert bars as well as body "frostings" and "sorbets," and "lip sorbets." They also make "face pots" that could be mistaken for some sort of health breakfast energy jar.

"I started the brand in 2016," Nsi of Kemsi told blogTO. "I was looking to create something different I had not seen in skincare in Toronto for a while. I put an emphasis on really making products that wake up all of our senses and are affordable and accessible.

"I wanted to make sure all my ingredients were sustainable, and everything was vegan friendly. I worked for some well known skincare companies and private labelers in Toronto and really studied my craft. 

"I learned how to formulate and compound all of my products. I take pride in what I do and I hope it shines through with the items I produce."

She's as commited to nourishing the outside of your body with plant-based products as many are to nourishing the inside: "We use only plant-based oils, butters and ingredients in our decadent skincare creations," read the Kemsi website.

"We do not use any sulphates, parabans or preservatives in our products."

The site continues, "Kemi Essentials is a proudly Black-owned Canadian-made skincare brand, with all ingredients locally and ethically sourced.

"Over the past few years, I have continued to cultivate great relationships with local skincare professionals, farmers, trade shows, vendors and farmers markets in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas."

So not only is this brand delicious-looking, it's also local, Black- and female-owned, vegan and even affordable: face pots go for about $9, and bars are only $7. If you're looking to support them, Nsi has some tips on how to do so.

"You can go to my website and subscribe to the mailing list, this is really important as I make all my skincare fresh every time we have a restock. Notifications for restocks are always sent out to our loyal subscribers or Kemsi family as we like to call them first," says Nsi.

"Instagram will be notified a few days later. Things sell out very quickly and we only restock every few months."

In that case, if you want to get your hands on a matcha face pot, green tea body sorbet, or a coffee cinnamon latte, lemongrass or coconut body bar, you might want to act fast.

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Kemsi Essentials

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