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15 indispensable home renovation contractors in Toronto

Home renovation contractors in Toronto are a dime a dozen but you have to know what you're looking for in order to get the perfect fit.

Whether you're thinking of getting rid of your outdated popcorn ceilings, applying a fresh coat of paint or redoing your whole house, there are lots of talented people in the city ready to get the work done.

Here's a list of some of the most indispensable home renovation contractors in Toronto.

Design Build
Men at Work

This contractor offers the whole package from architectural, engineering and design, to construction services in house, so they can take care of pretty much any integral home reno you had in mind.

Custom furniture and millwork
Laneway Millwork

If you're looking to elevate your home in a unique way this contractor can help you create the custom touches you can't find in stores. Think of them for custom furniture pieces, cabinets, bathroom vanities, media units and millwork services.

Toronto Workshop

Owner Isaac Daniel specializes in custom pieces made out of local wood and metal for unique spaces and projects. Hit him up if you're looking for a kitchen table with a specific industrial look or the perfect coffee table with a twist.

Dragon Interiors

This team creates custom cabinets, millwork, furniture and woodwork for home renovations. They even let you be apart of the design process, if you have a rough sketch they'll build off of it and work with you to create your dream product.

Karben Wood

This contracting team makes small-batch wood furniture built to last a lifetime. While you can always buy from their selection of pieces made in their Toronto based workshop, they craft one-of-a-kind custom pieces as well.

Kitchens and Cabinets
Leslieville Kitchens

These kitchen specialists design kitchens and create cabinets at a variety of price points and styles so matter what your budget is, you can consider that kitchen reno you've been putting off. 


This is another great source for custom crafted kitchen cabinets, closets, wall units, and bathrooms. They focus on simple designs that feature wood elements, marble, and clean lines for a minimalistic aesthetic, however, they also do specialty designs to create your ideal space and look.

BML Installers

This company installs and designs Ikea kitchens on a budget to make affordable look professional. They work with you to create an interior design that works with your space no matter the size, that looks great without breaking the bank. 

Home Theatre Design and Installation
Toronto Home Theatre

These home theatre buffs create custom home theatres from top to bottom from theatre styling seating, custom cabinets, and lighting designs to projections and screens. They work to create a setting that fits your vision from a sports bar to a classic movie theatre experience.

Windows and Doors
Chateau Windows and Doors

This company sells and installs windows and doors in a wide range of materials from solid wood, aluminum-clad wood, to steel and fibreglass. They offer various styles and materials to ensure their product fits the style of your home.

1925  Workbench

This contractor makes custom fixtures for doors and custom metal glass factory panels and doors. They also make custom furniture and library ladders to fill those hard to find pieces in your home.

Decorative Painting and Walls
Robert Sangster

This is the person to go to for decorative wallpaper and carpeting.  He also works with custom surface designs on floors, furniture and even lighting fixtures.

Applied Arts Studio

This studio specialized in decorative painting and can create intricate designs and murals for walls that can add an extra level of artistic personality to your home.

Deck and Balconies
Box Design

This contractor creates modern outdoor spaces that are centred around green spaces and functionality. These minimalistic and natural designs can be made for year-round use -perfect for condo dwellers looking to utilize their space.

Canadian Restoration Society

These contractors work to rebuild and restore your home with local products whenever possible. They work on kitchens, flooring, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing and more so they can pretty much take care of any issue you have with your home.

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