safe hands wristband

Someone in Toronto created a hand sanitizer wristband you wear like a watch

Jill Dorazio knew she'd have to get creative to keep her four young kids safe and their hands clean during the pandemic. 

"When the pandemic hit in March, my kids kept losing their hand sanitizer or forgetting it somewhere. When they did need it, they were always fumbling around first to find it," she told blogTO.

"I needed them to have their hand sanitizer with them during this crazy time in the world."

Wearing it on your wrist is one way to keep it handy, so she came up with Safe Hands Wristband. Dorazio launched the sanitizer-dispensing wristbands back in September.

safe hands wristband

The Safe Hands Wristband comes in nine different colours and with a refillable bottle for filling. Photo courtesy of Jill Dorazio. 

"Now more than ever we all realize that germs, and the potential risks from them, are everywhere. These provide a solution to the problem of not having hand sanitizer on hand whenever you need it throughout your day," Dorazio says. 

Adults can use them too for a more accessible hand sanitizer option as each pair comes with an adjustable strap. 

"In the grocery store you put in your PIN or touch cash, a grocery bag, or a product and there is no hand sanitizer nearby. On public transit, you touch a handrail," she says. "Safe Hands Wristband can make those things still OK because you can then clean your hands right away."

The rubber bracelets that look a bit like an accessory or watch and hold 15ml of hand sanitizer (of your choosing) come in nine different colours and with a refillable bottle and small funnel for filling.

Besides being available online from the Safe Hands website, you'll also be able to find them at a few retailers in Toronto including Hudson's Bay, Compass Dermatology and CommUNITY

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Jill Dorazio

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