Drake Fur Shame

People in Toronto smashed Drake CDs to protest fur

Dozens of animal rights activists gathered outside the North American Fur Auctions market in Toronto on Wednesday for an "anti-fur flash mob" that literally saw Drake's name dragged through the mud (and fake blood and garbage juice.)

The protest, hosted by the End Fur Farming campaign, was attended by about 50 people, many of whom carried props and signs as they picketed the Etobicoke fur trading facility.

"We are asking attendees to bring Drake albums, memorabilia, photographs of Drake, etc. to be thrown into a trash bin in protest of the stars support of animal cruelty," read a Facebook description for the event. 

"We intend to use Drake's celebrity status to draw media attention to the animals still suffering on the last of Ontario's 40 fur farms."

Anti-fur activists targeted the Toronto music mogul over his support of retailers which use animal fur for fashion - specifically Canada Goose, which Drake's OVO clothing line has been collaborating with for years.

As part of their demonstration, protesters lined up at to film themselves destroying pieces of Drake merch, one by one.

"Alright Drake; We have a message for you from Toronto," yells one of the group's leaders in a video released today."Be a role model for animals. Stop killing them and wearing them on jackets ‘cause people are going to throw your albums in the trash."

Surrounded by signs with messages like "Drake Fur Shame" and "YOLO: So did they," he proceeds to smash a jewel case copy of Drake's 2013 album Nothing Was The Same.

Protester Malcolm Klimowicz, who says he was arrested along with three others during yesterday's event, has set up an online fundraiser to help cover legal fees for members of the group who were charged with trespassing.

"Following a months long investigation that exposed animal cruelty on 5 Ontario mink farms, people from across the province staged a protest at NAFA (North American Fur Auction) in Toronto, Canada," reads the fundraiser page.

"Despite a heavy police presence, activists were able to infiltrate the facility and disrupt the auction," it continues. "This successful action lead to the arrest of 4 individuals  (including myself) on charges of trespassing."

So far, $500 had been raised for the protesters, less than 24 hours after the event in question.

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Frances Bull

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