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10 fashion stores in Toronto to follow on Instagram

There's tons of amazing fashion inspiration to go around in Toronto - as our most gifted photographers, designers and bloggers prove. But Toronto boutiques might run some of the city's best Instagram accounts - after all, if you've got tons of awesome stuff in stock, why not stage a mid-afternoon photo-shoot montage? (I might only have a vague idea of what running a store is like.)

Here are my picks for the top Toronto fashion stores to follow on Instagram.

A little girly, a little fashion-forward, and not-so-secretly Canadian - this Ossington boutique uses Instagram as an opportunity to show off their latest finds from indie designers from around the country. Expect cute prints, whimsical jewels, and the odd wacky prop.

If aesthetically-curated Instagrams are your bag (pun intended), look no further than this indie handbag designer, whose feed is a flawless sea of geometric images in black, white and metallic gues. (Oh, yeah, and the bags are pretty gorgeous, too.)

Here's one for the fellas. It's not tough to make Raf Simons and Comme Des Garcons pieces look good, but the West Queen West menswear store takes it to the next level with crisp photography and gorgeous street style images.

North Standard
There's something soothing about this Parkdale shop's Instagram feed - maybe it's the wooden floors and soft, warm lighting, or the cozy-Canadiana feel of their merch (lots of Bay blankets, macs and Wellingtons).

Penny Arcade Vintage
This Dundas West vintage shop's Instagram is a mix of the store's own recent finds, hazy '90s-style photography, and moody modern art - in short, the perfect mood board for vintage lovers.

Parloque has never shied away from the avant-garde, but the West Queen West shop has grown into showing at FAT, hosting in-stores and working with local brands - all of which means even more inspiring images of what they're up to.

The ultra-laid-back vibe of this half-new, half-vintage shop on Queen comes through in their Instagram posts, which might show off patch-encrusted jean jackets in one frame and an action shot of vintage L.L. Bean boots in the next. (If you don't already want to plaster Explorers Press pins on everything you own, you will now.)

Canon Blanc
Do you slavishly read every "how to get French-girl style" blog post that comes past your eyeballs? This all-French, all-the-time boutique on Queen is a must-follow - feast your eyes on chic, pastel-hued snaps of the latest imports from Petit Bateau and Anniel.

A Homerun
Yeah, clothes are great and all, but sometimes you just want a photo of mid-'90s Mariah Carey and Will Smith hugging it out. Even when they're showing off their latest vintage pieces, this Kensington vintage shop isn't afraid to get weird - lots of reflective visors, socks with slogans on them, and weird party decorations.

Kind Exchange
As far as eye candy goes, Toronto's resale mega-chain is hit or miss - there's staffers at different stores all taking pics, after all - but it's a surefire way to learn about that dope new pair of shoes or leather jacket that just popped into your neighbourhood location, and grab it first. Think of it as your secret weapon.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite Toronto-based store Instagram account in the comments.

Photo via Philistine.

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