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The top 10 fashion bloggers in Toronto

The top fashion bloggers in Toronto have taken the best of Toronto's fashion scene and personalized it. Their projects are close to home and incorporate elements we love about the 416, whether it's our favourite local brands or shots from fashion gatherings like WMCFW. With outfit-of-the-day posts that often feature varying Toronto hoods as a backdrop, they make us feel at home with them on the regular, all while inspiring us to be fearlessly creative in our fashion choices.

Here are my picks for the top fashion bloggers in Toronto.

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Jay Strut
Jay Strut's blog is both a destination for global fashion news and an ode to his own personal style, which mixes boyishness and androgyny with sheer glamour (like structured leather moto jackets worn under a swanky fur coat). Strut is a fixture in the Toronto scene and has most recently been spotted in a four-page spread in TOM magazine, a publication dedicated to Toronto Men's Fashion Week.

Kastor & Pollux
Danielle Roche and Bianca Venerayan have created Kastor & Pollux - their own clothing line and brand (a feat in and of itself). But along the way, they've also managed to become known for their creative twinning and super fun fashion blog. IMHO, they're Toronto's "It Girls" when it comes to playful, girlish minimalism and imaginative flare.

The Brunette Salad
If streetwear-meets-minimalism is your thing, fashion blogger Vanessa Cesario of The Brunette Salad is your new BFF. Her outfits (and Instagram) are spot on, and prove that great fashion can be achieved through thoughtful silhouettes, consistency, and a "less is more" mentality.

Beckerman Bite Plate
Known for their rambunctious personalities and loud ensembles, Sam and Cailli Beckerman are possibly the most famous Toronto-based fashion bloggers to date. The twins, who consistently fashion themselves in red lipstick alongside their long blonde locks, can otherwise be spotted in layers of fun, cartoon-themed clothing, along with varying patterns, textures, and jolts of personality.

Ethics of Style
The award for Toronto's resident minimalist blogger goes to Jenn McNaughton, whose blog Ethics of Style embodies an everlasting chicness with a hint of Mia Wallace's dark beauty. McNaughton's outfit posts reveal her ability to teeter between the worlds of professionalism and staunch personal expression.

Random Acts of Pastel
Part fashion blogger, part creative PR girl, Alyssa Garrison's pastel-obsessed blog is 100% worth your internet attention. She's most often pictured in light and bright colours (including a healthy dose of pink), sugary-sweet girlish ensembles, and anything that sparkles. She's a great go-to if you're looking for more information on fun, local fashion and beauty gems like Fieldguided, Coco's Frosting Shack, and Province Apothecary.

Dainty Girl
Dainty Girl was created by Nicole Wilson, whose love for dresses and general girly fashion has been perfected on her blog. She's more likely seen exuding lush femininity with a hint of elegance than anything else and has become a strong voice in Toronto's fashion community, having garnered attention from big home-bred fashion publications like ELLE and Marie Claire.

Alexander Liang
If you ever been to a fashion event in Toronto and seen the flash of a man's perfectly coiffed golden blonde head, you've likely spotted Alexander Liang. As the editor-in-chief of KENTON magazine, Liang is tapped into the fashion world 24/7. His personal fashion blog features shots of his style - a sort of Hamptons-meets-downtown look - taken in varying locations around the world.

The Weekenders
Angelic Vendette of The Weekenders may secretly be a model, but for now, she's another beloved Toronto-based fashion blogger who just happens to be beautiful. Her eclectic and luxurious style relies on the influence of her travels, which makes the title of her blog very fitting: sometimes, our fashion identities revolve around how we choose to spend our weekends.

Style Blog by Nelia Belkova
Nelia Belkova's outfit posts showcase her affinity for brightly coloured and on-trend items. What makes her blog unique is that each outfit appears to be perfect for the office and a weekend brunch date. Belkova's inclusion of fashion news stories, travel pieces, and beauty tips balances the blog out by being as helpful as it is fun to read.

Did we miss anyone? Leave your favourite Toronto-based fashion blogger in the comments.

Photo of Jay Strut by Mauricio Calero.

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