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5 more upstart fashion brands in Toronto

There are countless fashion start-up brands in Toronto - so many that three previous posts couldn't even begin to cover them all. And, being in such an unpredictable industry, it's a marvel to see so many newbies giving it a shot. From swim trunks to funky socks, we've got five local names to look out for. Kudos to them! Though they're small, they'll soon be all the rage.

Bather Trunk Co.
Bather Trunk Co. - and their tagline "Men's swim trunks; for men, who swim," - may sound a little redundant, but their products are far from monotonous. With a penchant for quick dry nylon and snazzy prints (and the graciousness to offer solid colours for the less adventurous), this swimwear label is certainly making waves in Toronto since launching just last year. So, whether you're frolicking at the beach or getting your tan on at the cottage, Bather Trunk's got something for you at $75 - $85 a pop.

Socking Behaviour
Socking Behaviour aims to help customers find their distinct style and thrive in it, by offering an extensive collection of fashion's most constant accessory: socks. It may sound like an elaborate ruse to get you to trade in your worn out Walmart staples for a pair of HS polka dot numbers, but it'll all make sense once you give them a chance to jazz up your feet. Pretty soon, you'll find yourself itching for that pop of colour - the perfect reason to take advantage of the free Canadian shipping at their online store. Socking Behaviour also carries complimentary belts, sunglasses, laces, and cuff links by outsourced brands, making it a one-stop shop for all your personal style needs.

Joker's Closet
Joker's Closet launched earlier this year as a way for founder and CEO Ashley Ebner to give women the power and creative freedom to customize a pair of shoes. Each season, a new collection is introduced online, along with a curated palette of colours and textures for customers to play around with. The styles themselves are ultra-fashion forward, featuring fancy cut-outs and various heel heights ranging from $295 - $420. Plus, they can be made and delivered in less than four weeks - an impressive turnaround time for customized shoes!

Two Birds Apparel
After noticing a serious need for societally and environmentally friendly brands in the Canadian fashion industry, Tiffany and Daniel Andrew launched Two Birds Apparel - a well-rounded online shop dedicated to sustainable practices across the board. By offering premium basics made in Canada with biodegradable materials, donating a percentage of sales to the David Suzuki Foundation, and sourcing a bike courier company that employs at-risk youth to deliver local orders, Two Birds is paving the way for Toronto's socially/ecologically conscious future.

Kollar Clothing
Kollar Clothing calls itself "the black sheep of garments and innovative tailoring" - even a quick a gander at their men's apparel tells you it's true. Their garments are based on classic silhouettes, but the details are boundary-less. More often than not, they mishmash two or more materials in unconventional ways; a simple crewneck t-shirt from their spring collection is transformed with floral inserts ($40) and a pair of denim pants is upgraded with a corduroy waistband ($100). Though Kollar is just shy of two years old, they're already available in New York as well as Toronto boutiques Model Citizen, Blk Out, and Proper Reserve.

Photo from Kollar Cothing's Facebook page

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