FAT Toronto Alternative Fashion 2013

The top 10 looks from [FAT] Arts & Fashion Week 2013

Fashion Art Toronto ("|FAT|") Arts & Fashion Week returned last week for its eighth annual edition, transforming an industrial warehouse into an energetic environment filled with all things avant-garde. Running from April 23 to 27, the event showcased 50 highly conceptual runway shows by both local and international designers. This year, the theme was Fashion Therapy — designers and artists were challenged to integrate into their work a connection between the human psyche and fashion.

Hundreds of looks swept and sashayed past me all week, all with a very different response to the theme. Though many of these don't fit under similar categories, here are my picks for the top 10 looks from |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week based on creativity and construction.

Cinched Tight

This corseted look by Cinched Tight is equal parts rockabilly girl and cute cupcake. There's something really daring about a latex dress that isn't outerwear but doesn't quite work as underwear, either.


Niapsou is not one for blending in a crowd; with a loud head-to-toe print and matching bag, there's no doubt this look stands out.

Masha runway

Masha sent model after model down the runway in achromatic outfits, but who needs colour when you're an expert in form and texture? The neckline, drape, and chain details of this dress are flawless.

Happy Andrada

This Happy Andrada look is all about the details. The pleats on the quasi-peplum top, drapery on the pegged skirt, and beading on the tights (not to mention the fact that all of the pieces in her collection underwent similar treatments) blows my mind.

L'Uomo Strano

Exploring the crisis of identity, L'Uomo Strano's entire collection blurred lines between masculinity and femininity. This look in particular reminds me of a space age A$AP Rocky, hinting that progressive fashion as a norm is not as distant of a future as we think.

Workman Arts fashion

Dubbed The Mad Couture Catwalk, Workman Arts' wearable art pieces danced and dawdled down the runway to emanate distinct moments in mental illness. Though I can't be sure this hand-painted dress represents chaos or peace, I'm definitely sure it's enchanting.

Mitra Ghavamian

Mitra Ghavamian's collection revolves around identity crises. This look - although lacking ambiguity with protruding heads depicting different emotions - features dramatic textures and an unconventional cut.

Nazbash Hasti

Inspired by food, this vivid bodysuit by Nazbash/Hasti looks suspiciously like spaghetti (which is totally awesome).

Pedram Karimi

Although Pedram Karimi's black and off-white colour blocking stands out on its own, it's the structured silver jacket of this genderless look that caught my eye.

Y.D.N.A. runway

As one of the most alternatively styled collections, Y.D.N.A. wowed the audience with mask-hat hybrids that left trails of glitter on the catwalk. Though this long-sleeved dress is pretty standard, the high slit, blue velvet, and ultra shiny anklets give it a sparkling new dimension.

Photos by Jason Hargrove

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