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Where to get shoes repaired in Toronto

Shoe repair in Toronto might seem like a dated practice to some, but for those of us who have spent far too much on a pair of heels or picked up a pair of one-of-a-kind vintage boots, it's a godsend.

These cobblers can restore Birkenstocks to their former glory or stretch pumps borne from a trigger-happy purchase, while some select few can actually whip you up a pair from nothing.

Great value and quick turnaround are obvious pluses, but when it comes to your cherished vintage Prada boots, it's more about who can really get the job right.

Here are some places to get a shoe repaired in Toronto.

Cobblers Corner, 13 Erskine Avenue (416.486.7463)
This place just sounds like epitome of old-school shoe repair. Off of Yonge a few blocks north of Eglinton, Cobblers Corner is generally an one-man operation that will do everything from repairing broken heels to salvaging salt-stained sneakers. Prices are very reasonable, and service is always friendly.

Kaner's Handbag and Shoe Repair, 110 Bloor Street W (416.920.9982)
Ask anyone in the Yorkville area who to trust with your prized Jimmy Choo's, and they'll inevitable direct you to Kaner's. A bit of a hidden gem on the concourse level of Bloor Street between Bay and Avenue, Kaner's prices are incredibly low despite its typical high-end clientele. Kaner's will even replace the red soles of your Louboutins if you're reckless enough to actually wear them outside.

Village Cobbler, 260 Durie Street (416.769.0586)
Village Cobbler is Bloor West's answer to old-fashioned shoe repair. While the retail section of the shop offers a small selection of purses, bags, belts, and other accessories, the repair service is clearly the bread and butter. Village Cobbler also does stretching, dying, and custom details.

Shoe Therapy, 1108 Bay Street (416.916.3928)
A little pricier than some of the other spots on this list, but Shoe Therapy does it all — including creating custom pairs of shoes. Beyond catering to the Bay and Bloor crowd, Shoe Therapy makes its services available to those throughout Canada and abroad (call it confidence, or whatever) through its online order and delivery service. The shop also offers one-day turnaround and free cleaning with all repairs.

Nick's Shoe Repair, 169 Dupont St (416.924.5930)
Nick's is a family-owned shop at Dupont and Davenport known as one of the best places to go in Toronto for a custom pair of boots or shoes. And since they know how to make them, they obviously know how to repair them too. This is the shoe repair shop for you if you've worn your Birkenstocks down to a hard, foot-molded frame, or you want to get at least another few winters out of your old UGG boots (for some reason). Staff are extremely knowledgeable and generally help you to get the best bang for your buck.

Sandalman Leathercare, 1181 Davenport Road (416.533.6335)
Despite its name, this throwback-style shop at Davenport and Oakwood does more than just sandals. Operated by Cory Bernatt, this is the place to go for leather re-conditioning, alterations, zipper work, and even upholstery repairs. Pretty much all leather service can be accommodated here. Oh, and the custom-made sandals and sandal repair services are top-notch, too.

Novelty Shoe Rebuilders, 119 Yonge St (416.364.8878)
Novelty has been on the same spot on Yonge since 1932, and though owner Paul Abate retired a few years ago, the team left to take over the reign has maintained his reputation for precision. Novelty has replaced zippers and repaired buckles for the likes of Julie Andrews, Gordon Lightfoot, MIckey Rooney, and can too help restore your leather boots if you forget to protect them before heading out in the salt and slush. If there's one place in Toronto that's likely to take on your difficult shoe request, Novelty is probably it.

Rocco Shoe Repair, 1432E Danforth Avenue
This tiny shoe repair shop is nothing much to look at, but the work speaks for itself. Rocco knows his way around a heel (plus dying, stretching, resoling, etc.), and will also do basic repairs on belts and other accessories. Rocco's has a cobbler-in-the-country type feel, with a much more accessible Danforth and Coxwell location.

Sole Survivor, 16 Kensington Ave (647.995.3306)
Equipped with an awesome name (which is perhaps a subtle commentary on the state of the cobbling industry), Sole Survivor in Kensington Market does not, unlike most others, have a 75-year-old man listed as proprietor. Instead, it's 20-something Katie Reed who, despite her youth, uses those same tried and true old-school techniques to amend and repair your shoes, boots, and heels. She probably won't blink if you ask for vegan leather either.

Mr. Presto Shoe Repair, TD Centre (416.216-8628)
This hole-in-the-wall repair shop is well-placed to repair the diamonds on the soles of Bay Street's power-brokers. Not a specialty store, you're pretty safe bringing in all your shoe repair needs here, where you can expect professional service and decent turn-around times. They'll also give you a quote on your service needs before you commit, so there won't be any surprises.

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