UC Quad

The best makeout spots in Toronto: #7 UC Quad

During the day, UC Quad is the place where jerks forget to call "heads up" on their wayward Frisbee. But at night, the space rescinds to a more gentle state where brick archways and stone pillars cast delicate shadows over the area. A perfect makeout spot? Maybe. Just hope your professor doesn't happen to stroll by.

Now, we all recognize that much of the physical passion that goes on between partners while on a university campus does not happen out in an open quad. Indeed, a campus is one of those rare environments where a couple hundred enclosed square feet is seen as a coveted luxury. It is also a place where binge drinking and excessive vomiting is not, necessarily, disqualification for a later hookup, but that's somewhat beside the point.

UC Quad

University College quad at the University of Toronto is a spot for measured, deliberate necking (unless on the way home from the bar, of course). It needs not a setting sun to mask its imperfections, because despite being smack dab in the middle of a busy university campus, the UC quad is kept impeccably clean. Either the custodial staff is simply amazing, or the bridezillas who choose the spot for their wedding photos wouldn't have it any other way.

UC Quad

Tall trees, rolling archways, and aged cracked steps all contribute to the romanticism of the somewhat quiet spot. And lovers can have their pick of positions; leaning up against a tree, in one of the many archway nooks, or sprawled out over the grass, leaving little to the imagination. (Choose option two, friends, at least it's out of the way!)

UC Quad

At night, of course, is when the ambiance settles in, and the area lights flick on to swathe the area in a pleasant glow. As much as I'd like my venomous pessimism to take reign, I can't deny the beauty of the UC quad at dusk. The history of the architecture and the decades of personal stories that transpired in this very spot make the space one that should truly be appreciated, almost giving legitimacy to the decision to obnoxiously make out in public. We'll call it carrying on a varsity tradition, and perhaps just leave it at that.

UC Quad roundup:

Privacy: The word's not allowed anywhere near a university

A good year-round spot? You can make it work

Atmosphere: Romanesque-chic

Watch out for: Frat boys who have lost their way

UC QuadUC Quad

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A special thanks to Trojan Condoms for sponsoring this 10 part series on the best makeout spots in Toronto.

Photos by Jesse Milns

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