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This Week in Fashion: Travis Taddeo at UPC Boutique, Paws for the Cause, GalleryBespoke and Fiber Living openings, 10x10

This week in fashion is a weekly round up of what's being talked about — or bitched about — in Toronto's style scene.

1. Meet Montreal designer Travis Taddeo at UPC Boutique tomorrow
Yorkville's UPC boutique is fast becoming one of the few retailers left willing to opt out of buying basic plaid and pleats. They've always been the Mecca for fashion's most young and experimental designers, like complexgeometries and Evan Biddell. The shop has also followed suit with major retailers by welcoming the designers it carries for exclusive in-store meet-and-greets and shopping nights. Hot off the success of its last fete with Biddell, UPC welcomes Montreal-based Travis Taddeo tomorrow night for a close look at his current collection (see the image above for all its glory) and a preview (I hear) of his fall line. Get on the list here.

2. Toronto's style set sells lemonade for a good cause
The city slickers and style mavens behind Paws for the Cause - a non-profit that raises money for the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Fund - are gearing up for the second week of their newest fundraiser: a lemonade shop at King and Portland, right outside of John Steinberg and Associates hair salon. Every Friday and Saturday, until August 27, the group will be selling three varieties (traditional lemonade, lavender and mint-ginger) at $3 a cup ("made with their own paws," they say) starting at noon until the well runs dry. There's also talk of a garden for a rest top and some sun - well, you get the idea. The whole thing leads up to the organization's grand finale: a canine fashion show and gala on October 27, where city notables will parade their pooches for the second annual fundraiser. For more information, visit the website.

3. There's a new "couture gallery" in town
When Ministry of the Interior announced it was closing up shop, there were some hearts broken and candles lit. Where else would we admire amazing furniture and textiles we possibly couldn't afford for years? It's time to rejoice. Enter GalleryBespoke, a new Yorkville gallery promising to showcase home furnishings as high art. Conceived as an outpost for drapery master Camal Pirbhai's Studio La Beauté, the space will also function as a place for other fabric artisans to show their work as well as other collaborations that showcase the fashion in furnishing. Everyone's buzzing about the gallery's official opening and first showing, which will Pirbhai's newest exhibit Fool Me Once with Toronto textile artist Norah Deacon, known for her carefully-crafted paper dresses. 112 Scollard Street. Opens Friday.

4. Yet another furniture store for the style conscious
So, in case it's not clear yet, furniture is so in fashion right now. Judging by the last entry, your heart hurts even more for Ossington's Ministry. But it's true, how your abode looks is now suddenly just as important as how your hair looks. Look at the voyeuristic turn fashion's been taking lately, from rise of The Selby (is in Your Place) to The Coveteur in your closet, fashion's newest obsession is style not usually seen. That's why Fiber Living, in Toronto's Corktown hood, has opened to such fanfare. Specializing in stuff for all occasions and patio lovers, as well as lighting, fireplaces and rugs, owners Ion Nicolae and Michael Guerra care as much about dressing a home as most designers do their followers. The 3,000-square-foot former auto shop would be an eyesore among its historic setting, but the design is so crisp and clean it works, so you wouldn't be able to resist taking a stroll even if you tried. 58 Berkeley St.

5. Talk of Twitter: It's Pride Week! So don't forget to do something cultured...
Opening today, the much-anticipated queer photo exhibition 10x10 will unveil the 100 photographs celebrating queers in the arts, mixing art and culture with fashion and - hopefully - eroticism. Toronto artist James Fowler conceived 10x10 - on display at the White House Studio in Kensington Market - as an alternative and complementary activity during Toronto Pride's schedule, one that allowed people to explore the city and support the arts. He enlisted 10 queer photographers to capture their favourite artists, writers, dancers, television personalities, drag performers and more. The results are stunning and showcase the vibrant and diverse contributions queers make to Toronto's cultural landscape. Runs through July 7. White House Studio Project, 277.5 Augusta Ave.

Lead photo of designs by Travis Taddeo

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