Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Street Style: Day 5 at LG Fashion Week

Name: Hawke
Occupation: Designer
Favourite Piece: Classic tailored Jacket
Quote: "I'm into slow-fashion, timeless classic stuff that never goes out of style."

Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Lindsay
Occupation: Artist/Bartender
Favourite Piece: Coat
Quote: "Do you think this looks 'Flight Attendant' like? I didn't think of that till today!"

Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Name: JR
Occupation: Photographer
Favourite Piece: Custom made, bespoke ankle boots
Quote: "I wanted to do 'casual Friday' and was thinking 1920s casual. The Ankle boots I designed myself."

Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Ed
Occupation: Professional Park Player
Favourite Piece: Vest
Quote: "I like the graphic. It's really cool."

Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Anita
Occupation: Pro Fashion Blogger (and former blogTO Fashion Editor)
Favourite Piece: Tunic
Quote: "Fashion Week. This is my India tunic. It's beautiful there."

Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Justine
Occupation: Writer
Favourite Piece: Mom's Vintage Shirt from Bali. Circa 1982
Quote: "When I'm bored with my closets I look in my mom's."

Street Style Toronto Fashion Week

Name: Erika
Occupation: Show Producer for Fashion Week
Favourite Piece: Fur
Quote: "Minimalism is not me!"

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